Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Statement Paper on Founding Fathers.

For both sides of the issue, the main point I think that is trying to get across is that secularists want to be in denial over the influence of religious beliefs that the Founding Fathers used in forming our country.
With editors for many text books trying to write out that they were religious is almost elephant dung. I really do think that they had their religion influence them in writing the constitution but that doesn't mean that they were trying to enforce it on others. They took accountability towards everyone's religion.
The First Amendment stating that it doesn't keep state and the church separated. But it does keep the government from invading on the affairs and likes of the church.
Whatever our Founding Fathers believed shouldn't necessarily affect us or hinder us in todays world.
It has been around two hundred years since the constitution was written and states of change are always in play. If our nation were to become a nation of church. There would be uprisings. If we were a nation of pure government and limited church, still there would be uprisings. There needs to be an equilibrium but it seems that will probably be an ongoing case of "whimsical fuckery" in courtrooms, board meetings and congress.

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  1. Your summary sounds more like a string of opinions about what the article states. Also, remember to try to maintain the tone of the article ;-)