Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stay Focused, Stay Focused!!

Seven Samurai was the longest movie I have ever come across. I never even knew this movie existed. The movie was about 3hrs and 20min long. Can you say WOW!!!! This movie is about these men who basically must protect their village from the bandits that are planning on coming in and wrecking the city. They need advice so they go to grandfather who tells them to go get the samurais that want it the most to help save their village. They take a long time planning out what they are going to do. Once its time to fight for the village, some of them die in the battle and some survive but the bandits did not succeed in taking over.

This movie to me was not interesting at all. I feel that the length was entirely too long. Some people just don't have that long of an attention span especially if it's in a different language. The article about this movie asks the producer why such a long movie? The way they say the movie was put together answers that question. They say that the movie was prepared carefully and well done. In my opinion I just didn't understand where the "well done" part came in. I may be being critical of the movie but I just couldn't get in to it knowing how long it was gonna take me. If something is longer than i say 2hrs at the most I am just not interested.

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  1. You're getting to caught in your own opinion, Riah, and you're giving no attention to what turan poitns out as making the film "well done." You need to start considering multiple sides in your reviews.