Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strong Girl

The film Whale Rider is a film about acceptance and bringing a people together. Twins are born in the beginning of the film. The mother and boy die while the girl lives. The grandfather wanted a grandson to teach the old ways and make a chief of thier people. The girl is named Paikea, that name is also shared by one of her ancestors that was a great chief. Paikea is treated harshly by the boys her age but she doesnt really care. Her grandfather trains the local boys to be warriors and chiefs but excludes his granddaughter. She learns the old ways on her own by spying and from her uncle. She is attacked by one of the boys in training and beats him in a traditional weapon sparring match. Her grandfather was disapproving and angry. The grandfather gives the local boys a final test. He throws his whale tooth into the water and has them get it. None of the boys succeed. He has failed training a new chief. He calls for guidance from the ancient ones, as does Paikea. One day out on the boat with her uncle she dives into the water and gets her grandfathers necklace. She invites him to her school concert but her grandfather doesnt go. Then the people find beached whales. Paikea knew she called them. After a day of work they couldnt move the whales. Paikea goes to the biggest whale he "ancestors" whale, climbs on the whale and asks it to move. It moves and goes back into the ocean. She has brought the people together in a new time of prosperity and all ends well.
The film Whale Rider is a great film. I have always been taught to be a strong man. A warrior or chief like the boys in the village but I also learned to respect strong women. This film shows how Paikea pushed through adversity and kept her chin high. She had to fight for her acceptance and to be recognized and loved by her grandfather. She is knocked down several times but stands up again. This film has a great feel to it and is a good movie for a saturday afternoon. Id recommend it to my family and friends.

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  1. I agree it is a good movie. I think the movie was depressing until the very end and that was really different from most of the movies we watched. I was not expecting that.