Monday, October 24, 2011

That Dang Curriculum Change

The article “How Christian Were the Founders?” by Russel Shorto is about the Texas board of education wanting to change the social studies curriculum. Their decisions are going to significantly affect the entire United States. Texas has the bigger budget to spend on text books, so technically they control the standards for what goes into textbooks. The article then goes on how our founding fathers were Christian, therefore our children should be taught with large emphasis of the Christian faith. Two prominent figures in this debate whom stand pro Christian are Cynthia Dunbar and Don McLeroy, they are conservative board members who consider themselves experts in history. They’re the ones who are pushing for less evolution and more Christianity. On the other side of the spectrum, we have people who disagree with the changes made to the history curriculum. For example, independent parties such as Judy Brodigan who is a textbook writer and has to stick to the true facts. In addition others believe the board has a different agenda which they don’t take the general public into consideration.

Based on this reading I have to protest and take a firm stance against the Texas Board of Education changing the social studies curriculum because the changes were made unethically. America is considered the melting pot, this includes religion, therefore by making a Christian curriculum you are hurting students whom don’t believe in the faith nor want to learn about the faith itself.

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  1. This isn't bad, Tara. There's a couple of moments where your summary makes the author's stance sound like the Republican stance. Careful there.