Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That Darn Crooked Cop

The film “Touch of Evil” was filmed in 1958. It begins when a narcotic officer Mike Vargas has to put his honeymoon on hold to investigate a car bomb that went off on the Mexican-U.S border. Ramon is put to work with American officers Hank Quialin and Pete Menzies. They are trying to find the suspect. Ramon starts his own investigation on officer Menzie when he finds out that officer Quinlan and officer Menzie are planting evidence to convict an innocent Mexican suspect. Ramon believes that Menzie is a crooked cop. Sergeant Menzie decides to team up with Uncle Joe Grandi to ruin Vergas’ image. Susie (Vargas’ wife) rinky-dink hotel get broken into by the rest of Grandi’s family. They drug her to stage a murder. At the end, the truth finally comes out about Sergeant Menzie.

I really liked the fact that this movie was an awesome example of the dark shadow effects that we are learning in our movie class. On the other hand I disliked it because it dragged. It took forever to finally get the point across, so it lost my attention. I wouldn’t watch this movie again.

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  1. It did kind of drag on but I think it did have a reason. The only thing is it did feel like it was never going to end.