Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There's Evil in Everyone

The movie Touch of Evil is about a Mexican officer named Ramon Miguel Vargas that works between the Mexican- US borders. A bomb was planted in a car that goes off on the US side but was supposedly planted when the car was on the Mexican side. Ramon has to delay his honeymoon with his American wife Susie because of this bombing so he can figure what happened. Ramon has to work with other American officers Hank Quialin, Pete Menzies, while Ramon and the other officers are dealing with trying to find a suspect. Hank is a crooked cop and is trying to set up this guy Sanchez for the bombing. Ramon thinks is wife is safe and sound but really she got kidnapped by Grandi’s people. Grandi is a man who Ramon has a case against. Hank tries to set up Ramón’s wife by murdering Grandi but Pete helps Ramon by getting Hank to admit to his wrong doings. Hank ends up shooting Pete and Pete shoots Hank but the truth still came out and Ramon can go back to his wife.
The movie was hard to pay attention to because I think it went slow also because it seemed like it took forever to get to the point or what was going to happen. The movie was black and white which could have been another reason the movie was hard to get into.


  1. I agree it was hard to get into. I'm getting tired of watching black and white movies. It was alright at first but now it's just getting old

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