Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Long?

This film begins with the villagers wanting to bring in samurai to help fight off the bandits. Granddad says, "Find hungry samurai." If these men are hungry then they will fight just to have food. As the film continues, Kambei who is a veteran, poses as a priest to free a kidnapped child from a robber. As part of his disguise, he shaves his head and puts away his samurai sword. After his heroic act, a young samurai by the name of Katsushiro watches from a crowd and admires Kambei later asking him if he could be his "montei", his follower or disciple. Kambei tries to turn him away but then uses Katsushiro to select the samurai, asking him to stand behind a door and hit any samurai that may walk in. This is to test their ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

Arriving at the village the seven samurai are not well recieved right away. "They expect us to do something for them, why do they fear us?" Kikuchiyo speaks up to make bonds with the villagers. His colleagues admire this act. Heihachi makes a banner for the samurai group. At the bottom is a symbol that stands for tambo or rice field, this symbolizes the farmers. There are six circles divided into two columns that represent the six samurai, and a triangle beneath them symbolizing Kikuchiyo.

The samurai's defense plan is after the harvest the fields need to be flooded by digging a ditch around the perimeter which leaves three houses outside the perimeter to be evacuated. The samurai make a plan to attack on the bandits first to cut down their numbers. When the bandits finally attack back, they attack on several different days. As the battle wages on, the samurai look to be winning, but as the end of the battle nears, the samurai begin to lose very valuable people. "In the end, we've lost this battle too, The victory belongs to those peasants, not to us."

I agree with Turan's points on the movie's length working in it's favor, because I believe the movie would have been hard to understand if it was shorter. The length allows the point of the movie to be made clearly and that is what kept me interested throughout the whole film.


  1. Your summary was thorough and informative. It's kind of funny how the summaries are somewhat short compared to the length of the film. I agree with you that the movie's length was needed. However, I just don't really have what it takes to sit through such long films. I watched the film in two separate sessions and was still complaining. I suppose maybe I just enjoy complaining, though. Haha. Good job, though!

  2. I think your summary is a little too thorough :-) Try to stick to the key events more.

    I'd have also liked for you to engage with Turan more :-/