Monday, October 24, 2011

Wall of Words!!! Were Christians the True Founders? Fact or Opinion?

The article, “How Christian Were the Founders,” it just one huge continuing argument that is made up of some other little arguments about the Texas curriculum. The board members of the Texas want to add some more information about Christianity and how the principles guided the “founding fathers” to find this country. A few citizens make some suggestions about what the board members should do. One lady suggests that the board members put the religion of Sikhism, it is the fifth-largest religion in the world according to her. She is simply implying that the board members add more religions, rather than just one religion. They are not only arguing about the textbooks but they are also arguing about the separation of church and state. Another argument that comes up in the debate is about the first amendment, and whether it states the idea of church and state. But one person, Randall Balmer, states that the first amendment doesn’t state the idea of separating church and state but that the idea came from different personal interpretations. Near the end of the article there is a lawyer that is mentioned, her name is Cynthia Dunbar. She has found a loop hole for the separation of church and state through her law practices. Her legal practice is called, “incorporation by reference.”

I believe that they are trying to force their religion on everyone. They need to know that not everyone believes in the same faith. I quote the textbook, “The Christian “truth” about America’s founding has long been taught in Christian schools, but not beyond.” I believe that the reason for stopping the studies at Christian schools is because we have Freedom of Religion. Christian schools are a part of the school system but they are also allowed to have teachings of the bible. As for public schools that are funded by the government and don’t interpret a lot of religion in their studies. Instead of learning about Baby Jesus, we learn about how some guys sailed across the ocean and found this country. It has been like this for a long time and nothing has gone wrong. We have been trying to maintain a separation of church and state. But the people who are proposing that Christians founded the country are trying to disrupt the balance. And as a personal opinion I don’t see why we should change anything now. Just because a few people think that should add more information about their religion. Yes, I understand that they feel very strongly about their religion but I think that if they do add more Christianity information in the textbooks, they should also add more information about the Native Americans’ culture and beliefs, and don’t forget the Hispanics, the African Americans. They shouldn’t just favor one religion or one historical leader. Don’t let the winners write all the history. Yes, I know that the winners always write the history and I don’t think this will change. Before I read the passage I didn’t think much about a suggestion declared by a lady. I strongly support this lady’s idea. In the passage a woman says that, “Sikhism is the fifth-largest religion in the world and should be included in the curriculum.” Honestly, I thought that we shouldn’t take anything out or put anything in. And that is where I left this argument, I didn’t think outside the box nor did I consider other ideas. Why don’t they just add everybody in the textbooks? I know there will be conflict but why not give them what they want and give us what we want. If we do add everyone in the book then we will truly balance everything out.

From the time that we are young, we are taught to look at everything, every situation, and every conflict from both sides. So we can see from other people’s point of view. I understand that Christianity is their faith and I would urge them to continue believing in their faith. But I believe strongly in my Native traditions and Catholicism. I would like for everyone to learn a little bit of information about my Native beliefs and how my people were told that the world came about. Why? Because I believe this is the way everything happen. But I know that everyone has their own beliefs and I shouldn’t be conceded and want to push my values and beliefs on everyone else.

But all in all the author of, “How Christian Were the Founders?” has some good points to make about both sides of the argument. I do admire the title of his most recent book, “Descartes ’Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict Between Faith and Reason.” I didn’t understand the title until we had a classroom discussion on it. And now I understand that he was simply saying that faith is the absent of reason. But ain’t that what religion is all about. To be your last resort when all else fails.

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  1. Holy cow, Quiana! Your position is WAY longer than your summary...which is weird considering the article was 10 pages long.

    Remember to keep the main points of your summary related to your position.