Friday, November 18, 2011

Group #1 Introduction

A majority of Las Vegas, New Mexico's residents are of Hispanic heritage. New Mexico's history is predominantly shaped by Hispanics. The Texas Board of Education has been making amendments to the K-12 social studies curriculum. These amendments will exclude important Latino figures from the curriculum. Some of these figures include César Chávez and César Romero. If these figures are excluded from the curriculum, the impact that they had on our history will soon be forgotten. For this reason, we feel that it is necessary that these Latino figures be included in the curriculum and therefore, into the textbooks. If they are not, we recommend that the PTA of Las Vegas City Schools does not purchase these textbooks.


  1. Righteous Kelly! I'll smack this right into the presentation.

  2. This looks awesome! But the PTA doesn't buy textbooks ;-)

  3. Rob! Where's our prezi presentation!!!!