Monday, November 14, 2011

IMAX or Trailer Park Boys on my computer? Easy Decision

Last Friday only three of my fellow classmates decided to make a two hour trek to Albuquerque in order to watch two 3-D movies for the grand cost of nothing! JUST THREE OTHER KIDS?! I’m just a college freshman with only a few bucks to his name, and when I hear that there will be a FREE field trip to the Museum of National History where we would be required to watch two FREE IMAX 3-D Movies, I flip my beans! When free food is involved I sign up immediately. Apparently, the majority of our class had more pressing matters to attend to (or righteous raves in Albuquerque), but I won’t accuse anyone of being “lazy” or “to cool” to visit the Museum. All I’m saying is that Friday proved to be relatively entertaining.

The day was magnificent! Even the ride was eventful. Mr. V edited my essay and Doug enlightened me on some righteous music. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a very energetic security guard. He assured us college students that our teachers would purchase our tickets and urged me to stick my head between the protective perimeter bars of the T-Rex exhibit (which I proceeded to do for a great picture). The class then made a conquest upstairs to view a 3-D exhibit that the students here at Highlands created. It was pretty mind blowing, but things got even better once Mr.V let us loose to peruse around the Museum for an hour or so. Doug and I teamed up and cruised around the dinosaur exhibit. We both tripped out looking at this almost stained glass color changing collage, and we witnessed the mighty Saber-Toothed Tiger in its’ natural environment (dead on top of a man made mountain inside a museum). The video below describes what I was hearing while I gazed upon the flesh less Apatosaurus

It was then time for the 3-D movies, which we got some industrial looking 3-d/welding glasses for the experience. The first movie “Ultimate Wave Tahiti”, directed by Mr. Loewen himself, was awesome. At one point the narrator was discussing the importance of the moon’s orbit around the earth and it looked like as if the planets were trying to enter my brain because it was so 3-D!

The movie was also interesting beyond just using 3-D visual effects. It discussed the beliefs of the Tahitian people and their gods that they worshiped (which at a few points their deity faces would float off-screen and look like they were flying towards us). The film also had some awesome footage of sea life, massive waves, ladies in bikinis, and of course gnarly surfing. The movie ended right when Mr. Loewen entered the theatre, but he explained to us in much detail on how 3-D is filmed. Things like polarization, mirror images, and colors used for lenses on the opposite sides of the color wheel gives people the visual illusion that things are three-dimensional on the big screen. He also told us that 10% of people have too good of vision to witness 3-D, which I guess is both a blessing and a curse.

The second movie was about a group of tornado chasers and to be quite honest, I was not very impressed. The footage they captured was a landmark in film I suppose, but I thought a tornado in 3-D would be a little more engaging. Flying 2x4 and cows or something!

After we had viewed both the movies, we all boarded the bus and headed to a fine dining establishment known as “Flying Stars”. I have never been to Flying Stars before, and I was expecting to get some fast food or a few bags of corn nuts in order not spend too much of class funds. This was not the case in the slightest! Flying Stars has some delicious food to say the least. Not only did a majority of the class miss out on a dinner of a lifetime, they missed out on a discussion of a lifetime. I know in college the relationship between teacher and student is superficial, but how can you avoid fun conversation after going to the Museum? It was as if our professors were not only human beings (say what!?), but down-to-earth people who love movies for the same reasons you and I do.

Everyone excluding the few who attended the trip also missed out on me almost spilling someone’s chewing tobacco nasty-ness on a ladies dress when I was trying to dispose of it (apparently chewers now think it’s appropriate to spit into juice cans and leave them on the bus).

The whole trip was way cooler than anything I would have done that Friday, because honestly I would have been watching “Hey Arnold” or drawing. It may have been different for everyone else that Friday. I hope your Friday was just as good, because I feel like my Friday made my weekend!

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