Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Internal Primates Forever

“2001: A Space Odyssey” takes its time as it takes us through time and space. Dazzling us with, for its day, remarkable special effects (which it won an Oscar for in 1968) and extremely conceptual ideas of space travel and what the future would look like. Though the furniture is still very 60’sesque with its rounded corners and drastic color patterns, like odd shaped red chairs in completely white rooms. Krubrick uses his exaggerated style in A Space Odyssey to pound his point across of the possibilities of evolution, the insignificance of human existence and the past’s ominous obsession of computers taking over the world when humans develop the technology to give machines emotions and free-thinking capabilities. The story follows Dr. Bowman, who is also an astronaut, on a very long journey to find this big rock that appears out nowhere at the beginning of the film. He’s accompanied by a couple other astronauts and the all-knowing (with his power supply on) computer, HAL. Just as the apes demolished their opposing creatures millions of years ago and how the humans demolished the apes, HAL attempts to demolish the humans of the space craft, until they unplug him and show him whose boss and continue the journey without him.

I became more interested in the movie after they finally started talking and the story began and Kubrick finally stopped stroking his artistically genius ego (something he loved doing so much that he made another annoyingly persistent movie right after A Space Odyssey called A Clockwork Orange) with the captivating and thought provoking shots for about 45 minutes. I also caught a couple references throughout the movie; “Hal’s Moving Castle” might be a direct reference, along with the navigating computer in “Wall-E” who attempts to take over the vessel in space. Personally, Kubrick films annoy me pretty bad. But I might give it another watching just to find more reasons to back up why I dislike it.  

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  1. YAY FOR REFERENCES! Where did you see the connection from "Howls Moving Castle" to "2001: A Space Odyssey"?