Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journey to Evolution

The movie “2001: space odyssey” is about a monolith that was placed during a prehistoric time, which caused a shift in evolution. The shift in evolution caused humankind to reach the moon’s surface. Dr. Dave Bowman and the computer Hal are at a race to reach the monolith first, so they can discover the next step into evolution. While during this process Dave and his partners practice and prepare for the mission. The computer Hal who is very intelligent knows that Dave and his partner Dr. Frank Poole are planning to disconnect Hal, so Hal betrays Dave and Frank until Dave puts a stop to it and disconnects the computer Hal. Then Dave hears about the monolith and begins his journey. Dave finally reaches his destination and won at the next step in evolution. As he sees himself age and create new life.

I have mixed emotions about this movie. I think it has a great story behind it but at times, it can be confusing and has a few boring scenes. I think I would watch this movie again to get a better understanding of it.

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