Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Killer Swell

The 3D documentary  "Ultimate Wave Tahiti" is a mix between Kelly Slater, the best surfer in the world, and a subtle global pollution warning. The film starts with an exciting introduction about killer waves and how Kelly Slater is going to shredd them up. It then shifts to the scientific reasons for waves along with a more philosophical/theological view from the Tahitian natives and their cultural beliefs. At times it almost seemed like a really long commercial, the long shots of off roading their Toyota SUV, epic surf scenes and then their message about 'humans killing the swell, bra.' These things aren't important though. The amazing part was the 3D actually being so close you can feel it on your glasses. This was the most mind blowing theater I've been to in a while (I loved how they turned off the lights and told people to just sit down) and the 3D was the best I've ever witnessed. The water splashing up onto my glasses and the solar system being right in front of my face. I was told that the film was involved with Mr. Lowen and his students, I wish he would have talked about what they contributed and things of the sort a bit more, but I didn't want to bring it up because he seemed so extremely bummed about missing the showing. I can't believe that I only 4 people attended. I really agreed with Mr. V when he stated that he'd "never felt so out of touch with college students."

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  1. The Human Spirit will prevail, especially if we can grind all day!