Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love Dogs??

The movie Amores Perros begins with a really bad accident that leaves all the people involved very injured. It takes place in Mexico City. This accident that begin the movie connects three different stories of love. One story is of two brothers and the sister-in-law. The younger brother Octavio wants to raise enough money to run away with his sister-in-law and nephew. So one day he decides to enter his dog Cofi into dog fights to get money. After a bad dog fight Octavio leaves in his car. When running a red light he runs into a car and causes the really bad accident. He ran into a model named Valeria and the accident causes her to lose her leg and her modeling career. El Chivo is a homeless man that enjoys the company of all his stray dogs he has taken in. One day well he was out in the streets he witnessed the dangerous accident and ended up taking Cofi because Octavio was taken away in the ambulance.

This movie was really interesting I liked it. It was all in spanish that was a negative, I did understand and read the captions but I wouldv'e liked to understand it more. This movie was purely about love and how it can change your life for good or bad. It was mainly about cheaters and affairs. It was a really good movie and I liked how the director tied the three stories into the one accident. All three stories were at the accident even if one just witnessed it he was there as well.

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  1. Your summery couldn't have been better! Good job. I myself really enjoyed the movie as well. I would of understood it better if it was in english. I also really liked how the stories all tied together in the accident.