Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"My hobby is stuffing things. You know, taxidermy." is a Red Flag for Maniacs!!

There is something very entertaining about watching delusional people operate creepy establishments, and if you agree, try watching Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho". The movie follows a young Lila Crane (played by Vera Miles) who gets the wild hair to embezzle money from her bosses client. She attempts to leave the city and even trades her car in to avoid being caught. After leaving the car dealership she tries to leave town but a blizzard arises and she ends up on the old highway road. Lila discovers the Bates Motel and decides to stay for the night. Upon reaching the front desk she is confronted by a jittery but polite desk clerk, Mr. Norman Bates. After renting one of the many vacant rooms, the woman is invited to have lunch with Mr. Bates, and what a strange lunch that was. He makes sandwiches and milk (which would be another red flag for me to get the hell out of there) and proceeds to tell her about his taxidermy hobbies and his mother.

Lila returns to her room to take a shower and on the other side of the wall Norman proceeds to watch her through a hole in the wall. Norman then goes all "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" on Lila and stabs her in the shower repeatedly to what sounds like a violinist with Carpal Tunnel. Norman then cleans his frenzied murder and places Lila's body in the trunk of his car, which he later pushes into a swamp. The police and Lila's friends notice her disappearance and proceed to investigate what had happened to her, but things get weird. Loud arguments between Norman and his "Mother" echo from the Bates House and further exploration by Lila's companions expose a ugly and slightly numerous truth about Mr.Bates. I will not spoil the ending if you haven't seen this masterpiece o' thrillers, but I highly recommend it. Though the visual effect look cheesy, I believe it adds to the character development. Well done Hitchcock, well done.

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