Tuesday, November 1, 2011

omg crossdresser yes hahaha

the movie psycho is a film about a girl who works for a realtor she steals 40,000 dollars to go live with this guy shes been hooking up with to end up on the way to his home town she gets caught in a rainstorm. Then has to stay a night in a motel off the highway she meets a man who tries to hit on her and is a total perv. the girl gets killed by the mom of the creeper then the detective gets killed. it all ends by finding out that the creepers mom is dead and he has a dual personality.

this movie is awesome and funny in away the corny music and effects of the stabbings just priceless i like the music for the movie overall a 4 out of 5 in my book interesting none the less. they have even teased on this movie for a south park episode i love it awesome film.

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  1. You have to consider this movie was made in 1960, but it still was a smidgen corny. When the detective was subduing him I busted out laughing.