Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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HAL's great niece is this dub-step song

One of Stanley Kubrik's finest movies is the 2001: Space Odyssey.
An epic space tale that was filmed in 1968. The film takes place forty years in the future where man kind has finally reached space travel. A mysterious object is reported to be found on Earth's moon, so a team of souped up scientists decide to go investigate the mysterious object, which in turn is actually a giant black obelisk. The story carries forward a few months later to a space ship that is traveling to jupiter to look into another strange occurrence. On the ship there is an artificial intelligent computer named HAL. HAL is able to watch everything on the ship and control everything. The human beings on the ship are the pilots and scientists, David Bowman, Frank Poole and three others who are in a cryogenic stasis. HAL begins to find "errors" in the humans' performance and begins a rough relationship with them.
As things begin to go haywire in the ship, Dave begins to discover the strange alien obelisk that was previously seen on the moon. Sucked into the black object, Dave is filled with out of this world visions and images before the biggest twist of the movie occurs.

Dave is turned into a MONKEY!!!

Stanley Kubrik was a visionary and a genius writer in my opinion. Even a movie that is over forty years old can still captivate us. The style is slow but that is how stories used to be. In our movie times (2000-2011) a lot of films are just rapid fire. Scenes change so quickly that it doesn't give us time to really comprehend and think about it.
Sometimes you do have a slow movie that is just plain slow and loses your attention easily. But not Space Odyssey.

The face only a geek could love.


  1. I totally agree that this movie was ahead of it's time special effects wise. And any post with a dubstep video will grab my attention. My question is: why does everyone who listens to dubstep in a dubstep video start to bleed profusely from their face, eventually hemorrhage, and die?

  2. Copy that web address and witness a feat in technology as far as car alarm systems. Trust me, this relates to Space Odyssey.