Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is what Texas wants for our youth

Crazy stuff collegues. Listen closely and you can see how this relates to our latest writing project. Talking of government and religion and The Army of God. Brainwashed, all of them. Check out my link.


  1. For those of you curious, these are clips from the documentary Jesus Camp. It came out a few years ago and was pretty controversial. The directors argued they were trying to show things as they are but were accused of portraying what they filmed in a negative light.

    Tom's right; there's a bit near the end that relates to our last case study, but it would be unfair to make the leap that this is what the School Board had in mind with their changes.

    On a side note, is just me, or are those little pop-up balloons people put on videos really annoying?

  2. Wow, blind faith looks a little to wack for me. And I guess there are no age restrictions when it comes to the Army of God. Do these children even understand the concept of heresy?

  3. anybody who wants to kill harry potter is bad. aka god is bad.

    damn, that was some fine evaluative thinking I just did.