Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wait! Surfing in 3D?!

In the film "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti" was shot and shown in 3D. The film documents world renouned surfer Kelly Slater's journey to Tahiti to surf the demon wave. Through the movie we see much Tahitian culture. We hear of the evil ocean god who summons tsunamis and storm.We see the traditional dances of the people to promote good fortune from the ocean including good waves. We see the people surfing and the different times kids, teenagers and adults would surf. It took us into the science of how waves are made how both undercurrents and the force of the wind can cancel out a wave or create a monster. Throughout the movie the surfers are waiting for the notorious demon wave when it finally comes Kelly Slater surfs and tames this mighty wave.
The film was brilliant. The entire idea and content were so original and the scenes took your breath away. Showing the vast beauty of Tahiti and the ocean itself in 3D was definitly a new, different and exciting experience. These are the kind of films that should be in 3D. Films that capture humans and the earth in harmony and brings us a great story.

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