Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vengence Is So Confusing

The film Sympathy For Lady Vengence is a tale of, you guessed it, vengence. The film starts with the main character coming home after being imprisioned for thirteen years. She was in prison for murdering a young boy. She was forced to confess though she was innocent. The story goes back and forth between present and her prison time. Many stories intertwine. She killed in prison a bigger woman who forced the other girls into sexual acts. The main character killed her by feeding her bleach. However, the main character seemed to have undergone a transformation on discovery of prayer but she had a demon and an angel in her soul. In the film she finds her daughter and brings her to South Korea. She is sorry for abandoning her daughter and her daughter confesses to wanting vengence when she was younger but not after meeting her mother. The main character finds the man, a teacher, who set her up and traps him in an abandoned school in the mountains. She gathers the parents of the children to see what he did to their children and extract their revenge. Each family has their turn and after he is dead they bury him in the woods. After that they feel reborn there for celebrate a birthday. The main characer heads home to her daughter in the end and tells her to remain pure.
The film Sympathy For Lady Vengence was interesting and somewhat confusing. The film was visually well shot but the story left me in the dust. It introduced characters that did little to nothing to the main story. Her jail moments only showed a side of her that I would call an angel of death. She killed bad women in prison. Perhaps its how she has the will and drive to kill in the end of the film. Other parts of the film seemed useless such as her relation with a coworker in a bakery. I saw it as just something to distract you from the main story. In all the movie was good dispite the headache but I dont believe I would go out of my way to watch it again.
P.S. Did the main character die at the end?? I am so confused!!

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