Friday, September 2, 2011

Here's a Film Class I Would Take

Just for fun, take a gander at "A Professor’s Opening Lecture for 'Intermediate Killer Shark Genre'", a film class just about shark films. Epic.

Ironically, the “Noir & the Coens 101” class that the author mentions should remind you to write a post on No Country for Old Men!

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Monday, August 29, 2011


Welcome to the Movies in the Classroom Learning Community Blog!

Here you'll be posting your thoughts and analysis of the texts and films discussed in your Freshman Composition 1 and History of Motion Pictures classes. Per your syllabus,
Sometimes I will let you know how we will be discussing the reading or give you a specific question to address. In these cases, that is how I would want you to respond in your posts. Generally, though, I’d like you to mark those passages in your reading that are confusing, difficult, or significant to you, and then write about why you responded that way. In addition, you will be required to post at least one comment on another student’s blog post. All posts will be due by midnight the morning a reading is to be discussed, and all comments must be posted before class begins.
From time to time, I will also post interesting links and notices here, so you should get into the habit of checking the blog frequently. You'll also find the "Labels" I use to organize the subject of our posts on the right. Simply click one you might be interested in, and every post on the subject will appear for your review. Also on the right, you'll find links to other blogs I think are interesting or useful for your perusal; like all writing, you get better by reading the experts!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?