Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yard Sale

Life. Such a mystery. It can be grand one minute, then a single choice throws you six feet under and all you had is gone and hard to get back. Sometimes you can't get what you had back again. This is what happens to Nick (Will Ferrel) in the movie "Everything Must Go."
In the film, Nick seems like a successful businessman with a destructive problem, he is an alcoholic. He is fired from his job for that reason, he sought help but one slip and his career was over. Life strikes again, as he arrives home he finds his belongings in the front lawn, his wife has left him. Thats not the last of it, she has also changed all the locks to the house so Nick must stay on the lawn with his things. He spends the night in an arm chair and is woken up by sprinklers. Thru the first day he spends it drinking and organizing his things. Later on he befriends a boy named Kenny. Nick is almost arrested for living on his lawn, luckily the police detective is his AA sponser and buys him some time, three more days. Nick and Kenny begin to sell his belongings. Nick befriends a new neighbor named Samantha. The friendship is going well until the fourth night when he upsets her and she storms off. the fifth and last day he sells all his belonging and whats left he gives to friends. He learns his wife wants a divorce and expected so. The six day which is the last in the movie he fixes his friendship with Samantha and all is well considering where he started.
In my opinion the film was great. Very well scripted and well played by all of the actors involved. I believe it tells the story of everyday struggle. Some of us don't go through all the hardships of Will Ferrels character but hardships none the less. In the beginning it portrays him as a flatout drunk with nothing to do and no where to go. This is true but he sees this and begins to change. Slow change at first but at the end of the film you really see the character of Nick come full circle with himself and the friends he made and people he met. The film is great. Dispite the opinions voiced by my fellow classmates and friends. I liked the fikm and would recommend it to others as a small but great triump of the human spirit and condition.

Drug Deals In Texas.. Wait Thats Not Texas Its New Mexico.

No Country For Old Men takes place in Texas on the US-Mexico Border and is about a drug deal gone wrong. Llewelyn Moss the main character is in the desert just hunting one day and he finds a bunch of trucks and goes down to see what has happened because there is a lot of dead bodies just all over the floor. He goes down to find that everyone is killed including the dogs. In one of the trucks he finds one man still alive and the man just keeps saying "agua, agua, agua" and Llewelyn just tells him "I have no water". In the back of that truck he finds a bunch of packages. Obviously all of the drugs they were delivering. Llewelyn takes all the guns he finds at the scene and keeps going. He comes to find another guy dead under a tree. This guy had a suitcase sitting by him on the floor. In that suitcase he found all the money to buy the drugs. Llewelyn went home only to return to the scene and try to take that guy some water. Somebody ends up finding and begins shooting. He flees the scene and goes home to tell his wife that they have to leave. He sends his wife to Odessa and gives her some money. He leaves with the suitcase and is trying to get away from a  very dangerous man - Anton Chigurh. Just to stay alive he has to keep going from hotel to hotel. Only to find later that in the suitcase there is a device that helps Anton find him wherever he is. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is trying to help Llewelyn and can't get a hold of him to check where he is. The sheriff gets in contact with the wife and she doesn't seem to anything either. After an encounter that has left both Llewelyn and Anton injured. Llewelyn recovers in a mexican hospital and Anton patches himself up in a hotel room. Llewelyn later gets a visit from an ex-hitman named Carson Wells. He tells him that he is willing to help Llewelyn because he knows about Anton. When Llewelyn leave the hospital he gives Carson a call and Anton answers and says if Llewelyn doesn't hand over the suitcase that he his going to kill his wife. Llewelyn calls Jean his wife and tells her to meet him in El Paso at a hotel. Jean contacts the sheriff to let him know where Llewelyn is. The sheriff gets to the hotel only to find Llewelyn murdered by a gang of mexicans that were after the money too. Anton arrives at the motel later to go retrieve the suitcase and return it to the owner. Later he goes and visits Jean and kills her due to a coin flip that determined her fate. Soon after he his hit by a car and limps away from the crash. Sheriff Bell retires and the movie ends with him describing two dreams he had both about his father.

I wasn't too interested in the movie. I didn't really understand why Anton killed everyone that he encountered. I don't get what his motive was to just kill all of those people. It was interesting to see that there was a locator in the suitcase so Anton knew Llewelyn was all the time. I was suprised to see it was all in New Mexico but it was set in Texas pretty much through the whole movie.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

what kind of movie is this?

The movie,"No Country For Old Men," is not only confusing but in my opinion not interesting at all. In this movie a man begins a mass murdering spree. I've seen this movie about 12 times since it has came out. Everytime i watch it, i always find myself unsatisfied by the movie. I'm also confused about why the guy kills people. I am probably missing the whole reason why he is murdering. Does anybody care to fill me in on the whole reason why he is murdering people? I dont see how he could just go around and start killing people with a air pump? I'm sorry but i forgot what the correct of it was. I wonder why this movie was even made? What made the director and the producers want to make this movie possible? It was filmed in a great location but the movie just aint worth watching.

No Country For Old Men

This was a very long movie to have the ending to be a total bore the movie No Country For Old Men, ends just so abruptly. this film is about a young hunter who goes out hunting and stumbles upon a gruesome drug deal gone terribly wrong and finds himself a case of money. a mass murderer who i guess owned the money it doesn't explain if he did or not goes after this man he flees from the murderer all the way across the Mexican border,to Al Paso, Texas where he gets killed my a Mexican drug cartel. a sheriff who wanted to help the rancher who found all the money out ends up finding the rancher body and tells the wife, i thought he was gonna go after the mass murderer. instead he doesn't instead he retires and the movie ends with the murderer getting his arm broken in a car crash and fleeing the scene, instead it ends with the sheriff talking about his life and the murder who will get his. Yes, this movie was filmed in historic Las Vegas, New Mexico but i find this movie to have a great story line to have a total bust when it comes to seeing the end of the film.

And Almost Everyone Dies

"No Country for Old Men," is a film about a man, Moss, who happens across a crime scene while he is hunting. As well as drugs and multiple dead bodies, he finds a brief case filled with cash; which he decides to take for himself and his wife. In doing so, he starts getting tracked by a murderer, Chigurh, who easily kills anyone in his way. The film has a way in making one feel as if Moss will keep the lead and live to the end of the movie, which is not the case. Unexpectedly Moss dies, as do most of the people in the movie. However, Chigurh lives and walks out of a car crash to end the movie.
Honestly I thought the movie was just okay. I may have this negative view on the movie because I was freezing throughout the film and found it hard to concentrate. With that in mind, there are a few things I can comment on other than the room temperature that made me not love the movie. First, I found it far fetched that Moss, being shot at throughout the entire movie, had so few bullet wounds. How could he run in front of a truck, which is shooting at him, and only get shot once? Second, I did not like the ending of the movie. I left with a feeling of "I don't even know what just happened." I didn't understand how the dreams tied in to the film, and what was to happen with the limping Chigurh-- if he was to continue his killing spree or not. Finally, third, I simply do not like a movie in which a majority of the people die.

Mass Killing in Quiet Las Vegas

Ever seen a movie that jumped around and was so random that all you really understood was that drugs, money, a psycopath and murder was involed? That is exactly how i felt thru the screening of the film "No Country For Old Men". This movie and its prowess is a matter of opinion. Some say they dont like it others say its great.
The movie begins with an odd man being arrested. He kills the officer at the station and remembers to pick up his air compresser. From there it goes to a man hunting who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong. He takes a few firearms and a case full with two million dollars. He takes the money home. as his story goes on it goes back to the escaped cop killer who kills several others with an air compresser for no apparent reason but spares a man due to a coin toss the man called right. The man who discovered and stole the money knows he is in danger so he leaves his wife to try to keep her safe. he is making his way to mexico when he meets the air compresser killer. They engage in a firefight in the middle of Las Vegas. Both are wounded but the money man gets away to mexico. Finding medical attention and his money. A government agent convinces him to come back to the united states. the air compresser killer finds this agent and kills him as well. The man with the money finds this out and arranges to find meet his wife in El Paso,Texas. He arrives first and is killed by the hipanics that lost their drugs and money at the beginning of the movie. The air compresser killer finds the mans wife and ends up killing her too. upon leaving the house he is in a car accident and walks away with a broken arm and many bleeding cuts. The movie ends with Tommy Lee Jones telling of an odd dream.
In my personal opinion this movie is on the fence of really good and utterly terrible. For one I didnt quite understand the concept of the whole story. I may have to watch it again to get a better grasp of the plot and essence of the movie. In this moment I am rather indecisive in my opinion. I will update as soon as i watch the film again.

P.S. WHERE DOES THE KILLER GET AN AIR COMPRESSER USED FOR KILLING CATTLE?!?! please some one answer this question for me...Mr.V

No Country for Old Men

I've never lived in a town where it was so obvious that they were filming. The plaza hotel stakeout scene, blowing up the car in front of the Douglas ave drug store that no longer exists in that location, I believe it's a china doll store or maybe that tanning salon. My favorite was the slow motion game of cat and mouse that was fueled and accompanied by the quickening pace of the tracking device hidden in the coveted stack of bills.  Though shot in the rain, you can still recognize those sketchy motels in the background that are between the rec. center and Pino's truck stop. I felt that I was much more involved with the movie watching it this second time around, being able to see the background of the shots and thinking to myself that I could be standing where the camera is and witnessing the scene unfolding in front of me.

Overall though, I wasn't really a fan of the movie.  I have seen it multiple times, thinking maybe it will be better the next time but I somehow fall asleep at the slow beginning of the movie.

Psychopathic killer in Las Vegas

The movie No Country for Old Men was about a hunter named Llewelyn that finds money from a drug deal that went wrong. Then this psychopathic killer tries to hunt him down and kills everybody that gets in his way. A cop is trying to find the killer and help Llewelyn before the psycho killer kills him. Which is confusing because the killer doesn't even end up killing Llewelyn. Some other people do. The movie was confusing to me. I know that there was a creepy psychopath that kills people who didn't deserve to die and uses this compressed air tank to kill them. It was hard to pay attention because of the creepy guy. I really didn't like the movie other then the fact it was filmed in New Mexico. I just think that there really wasn't a point to the movie. It was just about money and a lot of killing. It also had a bad ending.

"No Country for Old Men"

The film “No Country for Old Men” jumps right into the story. The first thing you see is the murderer killing someone with his infamous compressed air tank. If you pay close attention to this character, you will see the lack of remorse when he kills someone. This view into the character sets up the scene for what he will be like throughout the entire movie. Some might even compare his facial expression (or lack thereof) to that of Kristin Stewart. (Why didn’t someone get her to play that role?!) Jokes aside, the movie goes on to convey the plot. The plot begins when a poor Vietnam War veteran stumbles upon a mass of money, drugs, and dead men; never a good combination. He takes the money and finds himself in a big mess of trouble with the murderer who wants his money and is always looking for an excuse to kill somebody. The sequence of events lands the veteran in a hospital in Mexico and, towards the end of the movie, dead. In this film, unlike many others, the bad guy walks away, not unscathed, but nevertheless, alive.
This film certainly was interesting (especially recognizing all the small areas in Las Vegas and shouting, “Hey! I know where that’s at!” and finding small “mistakes” that other people won’t notice, such as the America-Mexico border. There isn’t any water there for those of you who don’t know; or a border for that matter…) I had seen the film before, but chose to watch it a second time to refresh my memory. What may be even more interesting is what it took to watch the movie! I didn’t attend the screening because I live out of town and I own the DVD. So, I chose to watch it at home and couldn’t find a DVD player to save my life. So, by the time I found a way to watch it (thank you, old computer that hadn’t been turned on in ages!), it was already significantly late and I have been forced to stay up doing homework. However, I did enjoy watching the film and all the hard work to watch it proved worth it.

Not My Type

The movie "No Country for Old Men" was about a Vietnam vet that found himself some trouble. He was out hunting and wandered off to find some dead bodies, drugs and a larg sum of money. A man wants his money back, however and will stop at nothing. After killing a bunch of people he is in a car wreck and does not get his money(as far as we know).
I thought the movie was alright at best. I did not like the ending and I felt the movie didn't introduce the conflict well enough. I got it was about money, but how did the killer get the money and why exactly did the people in the trucks in the desert die? It could have been better.

Little old Las Vegas

The movie 'No Country for Old Men' tells a story about a Vietnam War veteran who was wondering around Texas where a drug deal had gone extremely bad. Upon wondering he discovers a pick-up truck that had been shot at multiple of times. The pick-up truck was surrounded by the corpses of dead body guards. He the uncovers two million dollars in cash, and a hge load of heroin stashed in the back of the pick-up truck. He then decides to disappear witht he money and leave everything else there. Later a dark creepy killer who determines the fate of his victims with just a flip of a coin sets out to kill him. the one sheriff struggles to embrace thrapidly growing violence that seems to be tearing down his little peaceful town.

As my opinion of this movie, it was okay. I really liked to fact that it was filmed here in this little town of Las Vegas. The storyline was interesting as were the characters also. I alos liked the fact that it suspenseful, it made you jump a couple of times especially if you werent expecting it. I just wasn't sure what I was in for when it started. It was kind of a confusing movie to keep up with. nd towards the end, he gets in a random car accident and still just walks away with a broken arm. That was like what the heck? I also didn't like the ending at all. It like kept you guessing of whats to happen next.

Shootin it up in Las Vegas

"No Country for Old Men" was...for lack of a better term "OK". I wasn't quite sure what I would be in store for when it started. The characters were believable, the storyline was interesting, the setting of course, and yes I may be biased because I grew up in and was born here in Las Vegas,New Mexico, amazing. However, the ending just well...killed the movie for me. After sitting through about an hour and a half watching Javier Bardem kill people, destroy hotel rooms and shoot out locks with a pressurized air tank, I expected the ending to be a little more......action packed? and I really can't believe the bad guy walked away.......It was an odd twist to the film,although I'm not going to complain about it. Otherwise, besides the ending I really liked the movie, and it made me happy to be able to see my hometown in the background of the film. I remember watching them film here, and seeing everything get set up...I didn't get to see the movie in theaters, so this was my first time watching it. As I said before, I really did enjoy it, but all in all I wish the ending had been different....Maybe Javier Bardems character should have had a shoot out with Tommy Lee Jones...instead of just killing him.....and I think it was pretty messed up of the wife to end up getting killed in the end, but I suppose it makes sense seeing as the killer was a mass murder. Again,the cinematography was great, the action was amazing...but I just really hated the ending.

"You Don't Have To Do This."

That's a line that every soon-to-be victim says to their murderer right before the final crack of thunder is made and their life ends.
The line used three times in the movie "No Country for Old Men." The merciless killer, Anton Chigurh, is portrayed by the intense actor Javier Bardem. His style is a polite yet sadistic man whose signature weapons are a captive bolt pistol and a silenced semi automatic shotgun. Another trademark note on the killer is his coin toss gamble with certain victims. Although he does leave one man alive with his coin toss game. Kind of like this guy.
"Don't put that coin in your pocket..."
 I'm kind of wanting to focus on Chigurh in this summary because he is a fascinating character. In an absurd way, I have always been intrigued with histories of serial killers. What their mind set is and why they carry the motives they have. Chigurh is interesting and bizarre enough that he is almost similar to many killers in famous history.
Chigurh is hired as a hit-man to relocate the money stolen from a mexican drug deal gone awry. Plans don't go accordingly for the men who hired Chigurh as they are killed early on in their deal. Chigurh sets out killing "inconveniences" while on the hunt for the stolen two million. The unfortunate sucker to stumble upon the money is retired Vietnam veteran Llewelyn Moss who was just out for a little hunt.
"We got money, Ma!"
The chase begins when Llewelyn flees with the money and sends his near trailer trash wife off to her mothers.
Chigurh is able to track Llewelyn as readily as the group of angry mexicans who want their money. Also on the chase are sheriff Ed Tom Bell and bounty hunter Carson Wells.
Chigurh has an encounter once with our supposed (kickass) protagonist in the awesome hotel that is actually here in town. Both men escape with mere flesh wounds and scurry off in their own directions.
"Give me that money, bro!"
Llewelyn is made with the ultimatum by Chigurh that he gives him the money or his wife dies. He makes a plan to find his wife and send her out of the country with the money so that no one can hurt her. Sadly, in the midst of meeting her, Llewelyn gets distracted by some hussy with beer. The angry mexicans arrive just as our hero is getting a little smiley and shoot the lights out of him. 
Sheriff Ed Tom strolls up seconds after the shoot out, only to find Llewelyn's boney ass dead. This part both infuriated and excited me. I liked how our hero dies unexpectedly yet it still flows for the rest of the story since he wasn't our only main character. 
With her husband and mother (stupid old woman) dead, Carla Jean returns home to find Chigurh sitting in her old bedroom. Surely enough, he came as he promised Llewelyn. Although her husband was killed by banditos, our sophisticated killer carries out with the ultimatum. 
We see Carla Jean in a defensive and not so naive manner as she confronts the Chigurh. She has nothing else to lose except for her life. 
Chigurh leaves the house and drives off casually. He crosses a stop sign (in front of the house I live at here in town *win*) and is T-boned by an on coming vehicle. He escapes the scene with a nasty (I MEAN NASTY) looking arm injury. Never to be seen again. 
Ed Tom is now retired and is having breakfast with his woman. He tells her of two dreams he had in the night. The dreams are almost complete analogies to the story of the movie. He reflects saying that he travels into a snowy mountain (his life and being a sherif) and at the top of the mountain waits his father (the killer who waits for him at the end of the chase). Instead of staking out after Chigurh in a fatal battle, Ed Tom chooses a different path and retires.
That's what he imagined.
The movie ends with the end of Ed Tom's tale to his wife. I know some didn't like this film's ending but I thought it was excellent. The Coen Brother's adaption of the book of almost identical but amazing none the less.

No Mercy for any Man

Within the first 15 minutes of "No Country for Old Men" I was both startled and shocked to see Javier Bardem strangulate a police officer with a pair of handcuffs. What a way to start a movie."No Country for Old Men" is a film that focuses that age old question: Would you take a briefcase full of money from a crime scene? Now I don't know if that is an age old question but this movie put that question into perspective.
The movie follows a mustached-cowboy version of Josh Brolin (as apposed to the bandanna-ridden character Brad he played in "The Goonies") and his struggles after making a terrible mistake at a crime scene. "Llewellyn Moss" stumbles upon a drug deal gone horrible while hunting for antelope. He inspects the area and finds only blood and heroine until he looks upwards towards these two trees and makes a discovery. He finds a dead man welding a small pistol and a briefcase filled with one hundred dollar bills. He takes the money and leaves, and I knew he would do this because of his rude remark when one of the drug war victims asks for water. "Ain't got no aqua" is what he tells him. Llewellyn takes the money home unaware that there is a remote tracking device in the briefcase. The one wielding the tracking device is Anton Chigurh ( well originally it belonged to two wealthy drug lords but they were murdered in cold blood by Anton after revisiting the crime scene) and he's out for vengance.
Now I find stealing money from a crime scene is completely insane, but if you were to do so, wouldn't you just take a few bills and not the whole case? I guess it would defeat the whole purpose of the movie. The purpose being in this movie of course is greed. That is what floated through my mind in the whole movie. In every situation were a civilian was involved and the character, be it Anton or Llewellyn, offered them money for something they were greedy about the exchange, regardless if the person was in dire need. After Llewellyn takes a air gun wound to the gut he meets a group of three young men and offers one guy $500 for the jacket on his back. The young man responds by saying "Let me see the money first". What kind of selfish turd asks that question to a bleeding man? All the while the only young man with a sense of decency keeps asking Llewellyn if he had been in a car crash. They make there minor exchange and after Llewellyn asks for the other young man's beer the guy makes the rude remark "How much?". This just shows the essence of greed among people, and it continues throughout the movie.
After being chased around town and being shot at Llewellyn receives a phone call from Anton stating that if he returns the money his wife will be allowed to live. Anton kills Llewellyn and sneaks into his house to murder his wife. Even though he gives her a 50/50 chance of living I still think it was just grizzly to kill her. But that is Anton's one rule, If you see him your dead, and what a rule to live by.