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My Sister's Keeper

The title is a play on the book “My Sister’s Keeper.” I see it being appropriate for the reasons that will be read in this essay. Only difference is, neither sister dies in my story.

There is this early memory I have from when I was about three years old. My younger sister was barely learning how to walk properly in her sixteen month old self. We were staying with our father that week because our mother was attending a wedding in Colorado. To my sister and my unknowing, our mom was actually in the midst of separating from our dad. We were too young to really figure out that after this trip, we would be seeing our parents at separate times.

Jabber, she's a walky.

Watching City Lights left me almost as depressed as listening to Nine Inch Nails’ album “The Downward Spiral” in one sitting. The down and out protagonist never gives up even though he never really wins. Charlie Chaplin directs, produces, writes, composes and stars as the main character in City Lights. He plays the role of a rambling tramp, literally, constantly walking and not because he has restless leg syndrome. He befriends a real looker of a lady, the only problem is that she’s blind. So when the tramp coincidentally maneuvers his way through a wealthy man’s car onto the busy sidewalk where the blind girl sells flowers to pedestrians; Chaplin is immediately enthralled by the flower peddler. After a lengthy session of stalking her from around the corner, he offers to walk the young damsel home after her long day of strangers telling her “no thank you” to her sales prompt. They become infatuated with each other, and with the concept of love being blind being very applicable to their situation and talking not being applicable to the film, the body language casts a love spell so thick it warms my heart like an electric blanket. A savage version of Lasik eye surgery advertised in the paper and an eviction notice gives the Tramp an idea to fund an operation to cure her impairment and pay her overdue rent, considering he’s a newly found millionaire, money is of no concern. Luckily when the Tramp is not busy kissing the hand of his ruca, he’s parading around town with his actual-billionaire buddy who is also an alcoholic. His friend’s disposition makes the perfect combo for a person to mooch off of and Charlie does just this, he hits his drunkard pal up like a lonely teenage boy who wants to hang out. The only issue is the overly-protective butler that gives Chaplin the evil eye every chance he gets, so when he kicks Chaplin out for the last time after another blackout sleepover, Charlie Starts looking for work. His first employment is picking up animal feces, his second job is as a prize fighter where an attempt at a fixed fight ends with the kicking of the Tramp’s ass. Luckily while the fist trampled Tramp walks to his madam’s home to inform her of his epic fail, he runs into his old drinking buddy. While at his friend’s house, a home invasion goes badly and the meddling butler points the finger at Chaplin, but he’s not taken into custody before he has the chance to hand off the robbery money that he somehow ended up with to his gal pal for her needs. After several months of imprisonment, Chaplin walks the streets again and by chance bumps into his now visually capable and business owning lost love. Then the movie ends.
I felt that it was an amazing film. The most minute details Chaplin puts into his acting to get the point across without having to say a single word. And the fact that he composed the score too, and it’s very well written is another huge thing. I will definitely be watching this film again. Might even have a silent film phase this month.

The Downward Spiral download:

White Walls

Pan your mental cameras back to me explaining to my fellow nerd friend that, “We’re simply different from the other kids, and by the other kids, I mean the hipsters. I’m not trying to say that we’re better or that they’re worse, even if they are and we are, but even so, we’re different.” With a focused and confused look on my face like I know what I’m trying to say; I’m just not sure how to make the words pour out of my mouth as smooth as water from a silver pitcher into an Elven bird bath that will magically turn into the vivid portrayal of my thoughts. Recollect your memories of the high school lunch room along with all of the clique connotations that distinguish the groups as inhabitants of their bordered locations. While at Polar Regions of the room, two groups that usually stand out as obvious opposites. The nerds sit in the corners, posted with their backs to the wall so nobody can walk up behind them and unexpectedly trigger symptoms of their autistic aggression. Instead of eating the lunch cooked by the school’s cafeteria they snack on saltine crackers, carrot sticks and read books filled with lessons that are heavier than the pale, malnourished kid who keeps dropping crumbs and leaving oil spots on the pages. While at the same time, the hipsters circulate the newest issues of Rolling Stone and lurk their Facebook News Feed, with the skaters clad in demolished shoes and skinny jeans sitting to the left and the permanent art class residents with their portfolios in hand and their razor cut hair covering part of their faces to the right.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City Girl? -personal essay

Growing up in Albuquerque, I used to complain about the lack of things to do in my free time.  I was convinced that this would be the only small city I would ever live in, until I decided to move to Las Vegas, New Mexico for college.  Making the adjustment to an even smaller town has been quite the culture shock, especially while traveling back and forth to Albuquerque on weekends.  After traveling back and forth, I have realized how much I have adjusted the way I act and interact with others differently from Albuquerque to Las Vegas.

Finding Myself

“Best friend! Would you do me the biggest favor ever?” I said with a loud tone in my voice as I was on the phone.
She replied, “Of course! What’s up?”.
I said with a sense of humor, “Ok, so I’m lying in my bed all bare assed because I ran out of bandages. Will you please, please stop to get me some more?”.
She answered back with a loud laugh in my ear, “Ha ha ha ha! Oh man, you would call me for something like this! Sure though, I would gladly bring you some!”.
Approximately twenty minutes later I hear my best friend Stephanie walk into my front door. As I yelled out to her not to walk into my room just yet, I slowly covered my lower back as much as I could. “Ok, now you can come in.” I yelled again. When I saw the expression on her face as she gazed at my road rash all over my body, I knew she was a scared for a moment. She sat down next to me on my bed as I lay on my stomach with only a towel covering my butt. She asked what happened last night, and for the first time in my life I had to relive something that made me sick to talk about with each word that spilled from my mouth.

Where To Go?

Where To Go?
            Do we all face challenges when choosing where to go to college? Sure, but the same ones, of course not. My problem was choosing where to go to further my education. I fought with my mom multiple times about moving out here and attending Highlands University. She didn’t want me to leave because she was worried and that she would miss me. I didn’t want to stay home and attend UNM due to population size. I decided to move and further my education out here and Highlands University.
            I fought with my mom and changed my mind so many times. I couldn’t choose between the two. We fought over and over again about where I would attend college. She thought she was going to tell me where I was going to go and where I was going to live. I didn’t like that very much so I told her,
“Mom, I’m growing up I can’t always live here just let me move and see what life and growing up is really about.”

My Passion

Many people have their most cherished memories with their families or it might be an event that they experienced as a child. The majority of my most cherished memories include the sport of volleyball. For the past eight years of my life volleyball has been my passion. there are no words to explain the feeling that i get before a game. It is an enjoyable feeling, although it makes me feel a sense of nervousness.

To Speak or Not to Speak

This is the first Silent film that I have ever watched. I have never had the desire or the opportunity to watch a silent film, until now. I always thought a movie had to have a voice dialogue to make it good, but the City Lights film has Charlie Chaplin who uses his body for dialogue.

The film is about a poor tramp, Charlie Chaplin, who falls in love with a blind girl, who sells flowers. The tramp saves a millionaire from committing suicide, and the millionaire treats the tramp in return. The millionaire dresses him and even "gives" him his Rolls Royce. In the morning however, the millionaire doesn't recognize the tramp and kicks him out. The tramp drives around and sees the Flower Girl. He buys all of her flowers with his recent mini fortune and drives her home;which in turn makes the blind girl believe the tramp is rich. While visiting her, the tramp reads an eviction notice and offers to pay. The tramp tries several jobs in order to make the money, but ends up getting it from the drunken millionaire. The money is enough to pay for her rent and also pay for the surgery to cure her blindness. From a misunderstanding with the money, the tramp has to go to jail. When released the tramp stumbles upon a flower shop that is run by the once blind girl. She hands him a flower and with the touch she recognizes him. The film ends with the idea that they'll live happily ever after.

I was pleasantly surprised that a silent film could hold my attention and be an okay movie. Charlie Chaplin makes the movie. He was able to tell a story about a boy loving a girl, while simultaneously making the guy next to my laugh so hard I thought he might fall out of his seat. In all, thanks to Chaplin the movie was worth seeing. I now know that a film can be good with speaking or without.

City Lights

I thought “City Lights” was an amazing film! The story is about a tramp that falls in love with a blind woman. Being that the woman is blind, it causes some confusion between the two, as she thinks that the tramp is a wealthy man because of what the circumstances were when they met, when in reality he is the complete opposite. His “home” is a bench in the city. On his way home, he comes along a man about to end his life. Being a good person, the tramp somehow talks this stranger out of committing suicide, and as a good man, the tramp gets promised to have a friend for life. His new friend takes him home and supplies him with money and a car. This comes off to the blind woman as imaging the tramp to have riches.
After a visit to his friend, the tramp is no longer being supplied with anymore money because the man seems to only be a loyal and friendly friend when he is drunk. The tramp gets a job, but is soon fired for being late most every time he works, the reason being for going to see the blind woman. He has discovered a surgery she can undergo to be able to see again. Finding out that the woman’s rent is soon due; he offers to pay for the surgery and the rent. In need of money and with no job, the tramp gets lucky to meet a man who offers him a deal that is too good to pass up; a boxing match between the two, with the winnings being split fifty-fifty.
Agreeing to the deal, the tramp shows up nervous as ever, only coming to find that his opponent must flee town because the police are in search of him. Another man is replaced for him and the fight is still on. Losing the fight, the tramp receives no money for his efforts in the ring.
Heading home once again, the tramp comes across his drunken friend who throws him into the car to take him to his home. When they arrive, the tramp’s friend says, “No worries, I will take care of the girl,” giving him one-thousand dollars to pay for her rent and eye surgery. While they are conversing about this on the couch, there are two burglars hiding behind a curtain. One sneaks behind the tramp’s wealthy friend and knocks him out. The tramp calls for the police and the thief’s flee. When the officer arrives he ends up trying to arrest the tramp judging him by his appearance. The tramp’s friend gains consciousness again and forgets how he knows him, accusing him of stealing, which leaves him to run from the police man. He goes to see the blind woman and gives her the one-thousand dollars. When he is leaving, she worries he will not return. As he is walking home he is finally captured and brought to jail.
Months later he is released from jail, looking even worse than he did before. He walks down the sidewalk of the city to soon realize the once blind woman has now opened a flower shop and has her eyesight. For these months she had been waiting for him to return. The tramp smiles continuously as he walks into the shop and tells her he is the one who paid for her surgery. She seems a little shocked at first, but then holds his hand close to her and admires him dearly.
Before watching the film I was a bit bummed that it would have no sound. But as the movie started, I was at the tip of my seat laughing through the whole thing. What grabs me about this silent, black and white movie is Charlie Chaplin’s ability to create humor with no dialogue. That says a lot about how great of an actor he is. Not only was this a comedy, but it was a romantic story as well. The message I got from it was looking past all the physical features. It’s about what’s in the heart that matters and most people of my age don’t buy into that saying, but I believe it is the truth. The film was amazing all around, it would not have given the same effect on me if it had been in color or with outspoken roles, because I would have already known what to expect if it had been.

City Lights

City Lights was about a poor man called the tramp. Who falls in love with a blind girl who sells flowers. The tramp meets a drunk millionaire that is thinking about ending his life. The tramp talks him out of doing it and they become friends. The drunk millionaire and him spend time together getting into trouble, and having fun. Once the millionaire awakens and is no longer drunk. He doesn't remember anything about making a friend. The same thing happens for the next few nights, until the tramp tells the millionaire about the girl he likes, and that he needs money. The millionaire gives the tramp money but the tramp gets accused of stealing it. The tramp makes it to the girls house and gives her the money. So she can pay for her surgery and rent. The Tramp ends up going to jail. When he gets out he sees that the girl has her own flower shop. The girl realizes that the tramp was the man she has been waiting for.
I did like the movie City Lights because I thought it had a good story and it was funny. It didn't bother me that music played instead of actors talking.The classical music helped intensify the romance. I think it makes it better since its a black and white movie, it gave me a feel of an old film. I would watch this movie again, and defintely share it with friends.

Low Lights in The City

The silent film "City Lights" is a heart warming and dangerously funny movie that I had the great pleasure to watch on YouTube. Charlie Chaplin plays a down on his luck but not in his spirits Tramp that crosses paths with a gorgeous flower vendor who happens to be blind. Through a hilarious series of events, she thinks he is fairly wealthy (well enough to have a car, because she hears the door slam). Charlie leaves the woman and encounters a rich man who, every time he gets intoxicated, thinks he is his best friend. The rich man get Charlie fairly inebriated and the head out for a night of pasta and performances. Many hilarious site gags are preformed (including a scene were everyone throws streamers in the air and one lands on Chaplin's spaghetti. Had me in stitches!). The next morning they are still a little buzzed and they decide to go for a ride (fine idea, drunk driving) which consequently leads to Charlie inheriting the car. He uses it to impress the blind girl, along with buying all of her flowers, and later he is able to spend time with her.

This is were I saw the true good-hearted nature of Charlie. He offers to pay the woman's rent and for a corrective surgery that could let her see again. Charlie is then faced with the problem of financing his promise to his love. After showing up late "FOR THE LAST TIME!" to his stable job (no pun intended), he is offered a boxing match by a slightly shady character from the back of a building.

The boxing match is in my opinion the zaniest part of the movie. Just the build up before the fight is classic. First he witnesses a huge black guy sparring with an imaginary boxer and after he is defeated in the ring, Charlie is put on edge. To top it all off, the guy he was pitted to fight gets in an argument with the victor of the previous fight and knocks the wind out of him with one punch. Charlie of course greets everyone kindly and even puts his gloves on backwards, classic! After a short lived but funny attempt at fighting the boxer, Charlie is defeated and left penny less.

While wondering the streets sad and hopelessly, he runs into the rich man with amnesia from before and thank goodness he's belligerently drunk. He takes the Tramp and and gives him a stack of money. With $1,000 dollars at hand, the Tramp avoid being wrongfully accused of stealing and gives the money to the blind beauty. Time passes and Chaplin meets the no-longer blind girl right after being ridiculed and messed with. She doesn't recognize him until she grabs his hand to place a flower in it. The movie ends with a long-anticipated realization and on a very happy note. I thought the whole movie was sweet and silly. Charlie Chaplin will forever be immortalized in this movie.

Protein Shakes and English Papers

Protein Shakes and English Papers

Throughout my life I have interacted with people of various race, intellect, religion, political view's, and gender. Until now I have never realized how both my demeanor and dialogue change with each given group of friends. There have been times where I have tried to bridge the gap between two different discourse communities, but people tend to retreat back to their original group, due to the fact that they are already accepted and accustomed to the practices of their original group. Coming to Highlands there are many different discourse communities, but I will focus only on the two that I interact with on a daily basis. These two communities are: The Football Players and Highlands Faculty. Now, I wouldn't say there is a conflict between the two communities, but there is a definite lack of interaction between these two communities. I don't mean every football player doesn't communicate well with there Professor, but there is a difference of tone and language that is used between both.

The third day of college I made a few friends with some of the football players staying at melody. I would soon learn what was acceptable within this group of friends and what was not. When greeting a football player I usually use a variation of slang such as "What it do?" or "What's cracking Big Money" to gain the attention of a friend. Though both examples are grammatically incorrect, the Football players recognize the greeting. As far as conversation, the topics usually are either about sports, food, girls, or music. Referencing school work or classes in a conversation is never ignored, but the conversation always veers back to the topics of social situations. Musically, most of the football players listen to ATL style rap like Waka Flocka Flame and Lil Wayne. Personally I am not a fan of Waka or Lil Wayne, but I manage to put up with it. Now there are a few exceptions, like my friend Jeremy, who listens to mostly Dub step. But these exceptions are scarce. I do not mean to typecast the whole football team as hip-hop fans, but most of the football players I have met have some liking for the Sucker Free Countdown playlists. What really initiated me into the circle of athletic kids in Melody Hall was the fact that I could dance. I do not play football, soccer, or wrestle at all. My athletic ability is limited to dancing like a goofball, but somehow it really caught the attention of all the athletes.

City Lights

In this movie Charlie plays a tramp trying to befriend a blind girl. The girl lives with her grandmother and she sells flowers. In the beginning, he saves a guy from killing himself and he claims they are best friends. The man he saves is very wealthy and Charlie is poor. The man gets drunk and Charlie does not want to. The butler does not like Charlie and tries to kick him out of the mansion several times but the drunk man insists that he stay. They go out on the town and get into several fights through out the night. They go back to his house and pass out. The blind girl gets sick and her grandmother must go out in the cold and sell flowers. They are also about to be kicked out of their apartment. Charlie finds this out so he tries to work for the money for them. He gets a job cleaning the streets but gets fired. He enters a boxing match but loses. He goes to his rich friend who gives him a thousand dollars. In a burglary attempt the rich man is hit on the head and has no recollection of knowing Charlie. Charlie is wrongfully put in jail, however he gives the girl the money for a operation to restore her sight and pay rent. When he gets out of jail, she can see him and looks greatful but disappointed at what she sees.

This was a good movie. I liked that it was more funny than I had first anticipated. The film is silent and black and white which takes some getting used to. Some parts of the movie were too repetitive, like when the rich man pours the alcohol in Charlie's pants. I did not think this movie was going to keep my attention but to my surprise it did. I did not like Charlie's moustache. Something about it bothered me and brought the movie down for me a little bit. His facial expressions were kind of odd but they did make sense as to what he was feeling. I think over all for being an old movie, it was pretty good.

City Lights

The Charlie Chaplin film, "City Lights" is about a tramp living on the streets, who becomes mistaken for a wealthy man from the blind woman selling flowers.  Falling in love with the girl, he finds out about a procedure to restore the blind girl's eyesight and quickly decides to earn money for the surgery in any way possible.  Charlie eventually succeeds in finding enough money for the procedure after a many comedic setbacks.  Charlie ends up landing in jail when a mixup happened after he got the money from his drunk friend.  While Charlie spends time in jail, the girl gets her procedure and opens up her own flower shop, while waiting for her mysterious lover to come back for her.  The two later meet again when she recognizes his hands, and she becomes aware that he was actually a poor tramp rather than the wealthy man she thought he was.

Like everyone else, I too was pretty skeptical about watching this film since it was silent and in black and white.  I remember watching parts of this when I was younger with my dad, and actually thought it was a pretty good film!  It was funny, and kept my attention unlike I had expected.  Charlie Chaplin was a very good actor the way he could portray comedy, romance and sadness without even speaking.  Some of the humor may not really hold the same affect on our generation as it did for that time, although it was still entertaining.  I also liked the moral of the storyline of the film that is revealed at the ending.  This was a nice change of pace from the different films we watch today.

Rich Love in the Eyes of the Blind

City Lights.
A sweet tale of a tramp trying to win the heart of a beautiful blind flower girl. Charlie Chaplin portrays this man in the terribly hilarious silent film.
The film begins with the celebration of a statue being donated to the city. When the curtain is pulled from the piece, the crowd gasps at the sight of a man sleeping in the lap of the statue. The man is in tatters and is overly polite with the police as they yell at him to get off the statue.
He goes about his way and finds a blind girl selling flowers on the side of the road. She mistakes him as someone who owns a vehicle after he buys a flower from her.
Later that evening, the tramp talks a drunk and depressed rich man out of committing suicide. The millionaire takes the tramp back to his place and dresses him in fine clothes. The two go out clubbing and drinking like how they did back in the thirties. In the morning, the tramp takes the millionaire home. He comments on his Rolls Royce and the rich man says "If you like it so much, it's yours!" I wish the world really worked like that.....
The tramp sees the flower girl walking near the millionaire's house. He buys her bushel of flowers with the money given to him. He then takes her home and asks if he can do that more often. Giggity.
There is a dark side to the millionaire and that is his sober-side. Happy drunk. Belligerent non-drunk. It is a no wonder his hot wife left him.
The millionaire doesn't recognize the tramp when he sobers up. This puts the tramp at and awkward disposition with the blind girl. Although the girl cannot see him, she believes that he is a wealthy nobleman.
The blind girl and her grandmother are put in an ultimatum by their landlords to pay the rent. The tramp discovers a surgeon who can cure blindness at the same time discovering the problem the blind girl has with rent. So he tries to come up with a way to pay her rent and pay for the costs of her surgery.
The tramp is swindled into a quick boxing tournament that he unfortunately loses in an epic manner. He is still determined to make money for the girl by morning. He stumbles by a theatre where the now drunk millionaire recognizes him. The tramp returns to the millionaire's lair. There, he tells his drunk friend about his money problem with the girl. The millionaire gives him a thousand dollars, easy peasy.
In the meanwhile, the millionaire's house is being invaded by robbers with awesome hats. They bludgeon the rich man and escape as the tramp calls the police. Falsely accused of stealing the millionaire's cash, the tramp flees to give him beloved blind girl the money to pay for everything.
Months go by and the tramp is released from prison. Wandering the streets in tatters again, he falls upon the flower girl who is no longer blind and runs a flower shop. She recognizes him by the touch of his hand and realizes that he was the one that helped her with everything.
The movie ends with the both of them smiling and gazing into each other's longing eyes.
I thought it was a phenomenal film. I was darn near tempted to ask in class if I could write my blog in black and white and with no sound...When I really thought about it, I thought my joke was stupid so I decided not to.
I'm glad that the film was done with out the modern renovation of sound. It gave the movie more imagination in my opinion. Also I think Charlie Chaplin is just down right cute when he smiles. He kind of looks like this.

I also wanted to add that the style of the way that it was filmed was really attracting. I liked the close up intimate shots as well as the fuzzyish long shots. Also, I think Charlie Chaplin is a swagga.

Swaggers Gonna Swag

Who Would Have Thought?

There are some things we learn and take them as they are. Sometimes we don't see how it affects our everyday life and how it will shape our future. I have tried to teach myself how to spot these and be thankful for all I've learned, from school, family, martial arts, and my master.
I started to practice martial arts at the age of five. My inspiration was Bruce Lee himself. My dad started to show me his movies and i got a flyer from school and begged him to sign me up. Another inspiration is my master. I remember the first day i met him. It was also the first day of training. At first he seemed; intimidating, big, strong, yet wise and compassionate in his own way. I had a passion for my training and my master saw this, so he took me under his wing. I first noticed this the day he had me fight a blue belt when i was a yellow belt. I kept getting hurt and knocked down, but got up ever more ready to fight. I didn't have many skills at the time but showed heart and fighting spirit. That I would not be beaten, that i would not back down. My master called the fight naming the blue belt the victor. As i was getting ready to leave he stopped me and smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and broke out into a roaring laugh. I was young and didnt understand why he was laughing. He went to his own gear bag and pulled out a book. He walked over handed it to me and said "Keep it. Read it. Remember it." He smiled again and walked away.

Moving To a New Town Is Costly

In my lifetime I have belonged in many discourse communities but I stand out the most in the community. I am a white boy that grew up in a town with nothing but Hispanics and it affected in the way I speak, act, live and go about my daily life. Throughout elementary and middle school in was teased about being white. People asked why I was living in Las Vegas and why am I not living a town with my race. I felt alone and lost and always asked myself why I was here? No one seemed to want me to be going to school here. During my whole entire middle school years I was picked on and teased just for being a white boy I felt alone and lost but after a few years I grew accustom to the language and the way of life here in this small town. After middle school high school changed my life I became friends with very many people and even my bully became a close friend to me. Here in Las Vegas I am no longer known as a white boy I’m called a white Hispanic.

Music Instead Of Words?! Genius!!

In movies now we expect to have voices. Heros with awesome lines. A damsel with a voice that makes us cry. Comedians who's laugh makes us laugh. I for one take this for granted. Thank goodness for Charlie Chaplin.
The film of City Lights with Charlie Chaplin is a silent film. The movie revolves around the misadventures of a gentleman tramp (Chaplin) and his liking of a blind woman. Chaplin is for lack of a better word, a nomad. He walks all over his city pretty much not doing anything. He comes across a blind flowerwoman who believes he is a rich man because she hears a car door shut. He stays around a bit and she splashes him with water accidently. In the evening Chaplin comes across a rich man going to kill himself. Chaplin saves him and the drunk rich man thanks him by taking him for a night on the town. Chaplin and the man go out and make fools of themselves. The man awakens sober and doesnt remember Chaplin. Chaplin, not being rich, visits the woman he likes quite often. She becomes sick and behind on rent. Chaplin finds a job but is fired for being late. He is then offered to box for easy money. His original opponent left and he fought a big mean man. He lost the fight but sees the rich man drunk again. He gives Chaplin money to take care of the girl. However, Chaplin is framed for robbery. when he is released from prison his beloved has a flowershop and she touches his hand and remembers him.
I believe all I can say about this movie is wow. I was skeptical of a silent film being used to words and music and all the modernism in film making. This movie was great. I loved the way the music made things more exciting. I felt like the music made all the emotion in the film so much more intense. From the fight scene to chases to funny moment to when he saw and was seen by his beloved. I am intriged by silent films now and would love to try more of them. Even without words you could tell what was going on and follow the movie. I liked black and white films and now I also like silent films. Thanks Charlie Chaplin.

"Salas Care"

I had this old job which was a home for elderly people with developmental disabilities. The name of the home is called Salas Care Inc. It was three siblings with the same diagnoses. There were twelve staff members so each client has one on one attention and care. Over a twenty four period. The staff members at Salas Care are very important because they do all the work in the house like administering medication, household work, taking clients on outings, and especially giving attention and right care to the clients. It is not the right job for you, if you like your cell phone too much. Since it's a home for people with disabilities and the state is involved there is a lot of procedures and rules that must be followed. Also before starting Salas Care staff members have to take classes and get certified to get a better understanding of developmental disabilities.

The Silent Movie

"City Lights" was a silent movie filmed in 1931. It's about Charlie Chaplin acting as a tramp who falls in love with a blind girl that sits on the corner of a street selling flowers. She thinks he is a billionaire. He acts like he is too. He meets a guy who is actually a billionaire, and they become friends. He is only his friend when he his drunk, when the billionaire is sober he acts like he doesnt know who he is. the night they meet they go out to the club and get drunk. Charlie tells him he likes his car, and the billionaire tells him "you like it you have it." He uses his car to take the blind girl home so he could impress her. When he takes her home he opens a book and finds a letter that her grandma had been hiding from her. The letter was about them owing $22 in rent or they were going to get evicted from their home. Charlie tells her that he will pay for to get surgery on her eyes so she can see, and to pay her rent. He then gets a job, but he loses it because he went to see the girl and got back to work late. Charlie finds his old friend and his friend gives him $1000. There are robbers who are in the house and hit the guy over the head. The butler calls the police. when the police arrive, his friend acts like he doesn't know him and they find the $1000 on Charlie. Charlie escapes from the police and gives the money to the girl. He then gets arrested and goes to jail. Years later he gets out of jail, and runs in the girl who can now see and owns a flower shop. She recognises him by the touch of his hands, and accepts hiim into her life.

I really thought I wasnt going to like this movie just because it was really old, it was in black and white, and there was no voice to it. Turns out, I really enjoyed this movie. Even though it is silent everything is explained by the actions of the characters. I really like Charlie Chaplin as an actor. He is funny. Through out the whole movie I was laughing. I really liked the fact that towards the end the lady recognises him just by the touch of his hand, but when she first laid her eyes on him, she wouldnt want anything to do with him. I would really enjoy to watch other movies like this. =)

Silence can be so Loud

City light happens to be the first silent film I have ever seen.I was dubious about watching it,but its proof that Charlie Chaplin is truly a master at human body language. There were scenes that made me laugh, and some that just made me go "Awe".Good music as well, it was very catchy. Chaplin has a very good way of saying what he needs to say without words. Even a slight move of his eyebrows can change the scene from funny to romantic to maybe even sad. As far as romantic comedies go it was great. I don't really think I have anything bad to say about this movie,for an older black and white film it was very good! Chaplin certainly knew what he was doing when he put it together. During an era when "talkies" were becoming all the rage, he still pulled out a winner.I especially loved the beginning when he made everyone think there was going to be talking and used a Kazoo(that's what it sounded like)in place of the actors voices. The boxing match was also priceless, especially when he gets the rope of the bell tied around his neck, and runs back and forth between "dings". He has the ability to embody a cartoon character, and I think that's why,even today in the world is surround sound and high definition color, he still remains a very beloved actor, and is still mentioned. City Lights is probably one of my favorite older films now, and I honestly won't say "no" to watching it again.

You Dont Need Sound. =)

This movie is incredible, although it is in black & white. Did i mention that it didnt have sound?
Well, you cant hear the actors talk. In the movie, "City Lights", Charlie Chaplin plays a poor tramp that falls for a blind girl. He is also trying to get rich and become a business man. He becomes friends with a rich man, who i think has a drinking problem. Charlie helps the girl out with almost everything she needs help with. As an attempt to help her with her problems he finds a job. When she is being threaten of being evicted, he fights in a boxing match. Although he lost the fight he was still determined to help her. He finds his rich friend and asks to barrow some money. His rich friend is about to get robbed when he receives the money. He is then accused of hitting and robbing his friend. He gives the blind girl the money so she can stay in her home and get a surgey that will cure her blindness. Later, he is taken into custody and when is let out, he finds that the girl is no longer blind. She now owns a flower shop and tries to offer him money and a flower. She then realizes who he is, he was the man that helped her out. I find it very romantic that he tries and help her out. I was so glad that in the end she saw him and didnt freak out or anything of that sort. I sure hope that they fall in love. They would make a good couple.

Those Darn Tenants!

“Pick up!” says Lyle as he holds his cellphone to his ear. “C’mon! Aren’t you going to answer?!” he continues. “Who are you calling?” I ask as I enter the living room, taking a bite out of my sandwich. “The tenants. They didn’t pay this month’s rent on time; just like the past two months. They’re screening my calls because they’ve given me several excuses already. This is my third try calling them today! I’m getting sick of it.” “Yeah, I can imagine! It’s not right. You’ve already given them enough chances for the past couple of months,” I reply. At that moment Lyle decides to give up on the call and hangs up the phone. Sitting on the couch with a sigh he takes my sandwich right out of my hand. “Thanks for making me lunch,” he says taking a large bite. “I’ve already taken a bite!” I gasp at his rudeness, though, it hardly surprises me considering this is how I’ve known my older brother to be for the past eighteen years. “So, what are you going to do about those darn tenants, sir Landlord?” I inquire. “I don’t even know. I guess I’ll have to try to get ahold of them again tomorrow and, if they answer, see what their excuse is this time,” he replies. “Yeah, I suppose that’s a good plan. Or you can evict them!” I say attempting (and, judging by the expression on Lyle’s face, failing) humor. “Well, since you stole my sandwich, I guess I’ll go make another,” I continue and exit the living room.

I walk into the kitchen still thinking about the tenants. “It’s ridiculous,” I think to myself, “If you’re going to rent a home you should be responsible enough to pay the rent on time and if you absolutely cannot pay it on time, you should notify the landlord. It’s that simple.” Frustrated, I begin to create my sandwich. For some reason this sandwich doesn’t seem to taste as good as my first creation. I blame it on my frustration. At that moment my mom walks into the kitchen to find me eating my sandwich with a very upset look upon my face. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “The stupid tenants! They’re late with the rent this month again! Lyle didn’t tell you?” I respond. “No, I haven’t seen him yet. I left to work before he left for school and he left for work before I got home. Has he tried calling them?” she replies. I proceed to explain the situation to her. I tell her of how the rent is ten days overdue. She, too, becomes upset.

"Oh, it's no use. She's so beautiful, and I'm... Well, look at me!"

“City Lights” is about a tramp who falls in love with a blind woman. Now, being that this is a romantic comedy, there is more to the story than that. The circumstances under which the tramp meets the woman are different and cause a bit of confusion between the two. The woman believes the tramp to be rich when he is actually the exact opposite. At his “home” (a bench somewhere in the city), he finds a man who is about to commit suicide. The tramp talks the man out of ending his life and in return, the man tells the tramp that they are friends for life. The man takes the tramp home and supplies him with money and a car which furthers the tramp’s facade of being rich to the blind woman. The tramp goes to his visit his “friend,” but the man is only loyal and friendly when he is drunk.

The tramp, no longer being supplied with money, gets a job as a street sweeper but is soon fired for being late too many times. When the tramp is visiting the blind woman (the reason he was late to work), he discovers a surgery that she could undergo to correct her eyesight. He also happens to discover that the woman must pay her rent or she and her grandmother will be evicted. The tramp agrees to pay for both. Out of a job and in need of money, the tramp comes upon a man who offers him a deal he can’t pass up: the two are to fix a boxing match with each other and split the winnings fifty-fifty. The tramp agrees and when he shows up to the boxing match he is freaked out enough as it is. Then, the other man receives a telegram which states that the police are in search of him and he must leave town immediately. The man leaves and another man is put in his place. The tramp tries to be friendly to the other man but it doesn’t work to his advantage. The tramp loses the boxing match and receives no money for his efforts.

On his way “home,” the tramp comes across his drunken “friend,” who takes him home and treats him well. His “friend” gives him one-thousand dollars with which to pay for the blind woman’s rent and optical surgery. What the two men don’t know is that there are two thieves in the man’s home. One of the thieves comes up behind the tramp’s “friend” and knocks him out. The tramp calls the police and they come to the rescue but, judging by his clothing, mistake the tramp to be the thief. The tramp’s “friend” comes to and, now sober, claims that he doesn’t know the tramp and accuses him of stealing. The tramp flees and gives the money to the blind woman, telling her she can now get her surgery and pay her rent. As the tramp is walking down the street, he is taken by the police and thrown in jail.

A few months later the tramp gets out of jail. As he walks down the street, he discover that the once blind woman has opened a flower shop of her own. Meanwhile, the woman is hopeful in finding her love, he who paid for her rent and surgery (which obviously worked out well because she is now primping herself in a mirror). The tramp eventually walks into the flower shop and tells the woman that he is the one who paid for her rent and surgery. The woman takes his hand and holds it near her heart. The tramp is obviously very dear to the woman. It seems he’s even more dear to her now that she knows he wasn’t a rich man and actually had to work to get her that money.

I will admit, before watching the film I was a bit skeptical. Seeing as how watching the film was necessary, I pushed my skepticism aside. However, three minutes into the film I was laughing like crazy! I know many people disregard the film because it is a silent, black-and-white film from the 1930s, but once you look past all of that, it is a really great film. In fact, I couldn’t imagine the film if it had talking and was in color being as great as it is. I feel that Charlie Chaplin’s ability to make someone laugh without saying a word is absolutely amazing. It’s all in the timing, reactions, and facial expressions. It’s a whole lot easier to say something funny than it is to do something funny. I also really liked the moral of the story. The film tells you that you can love someone for who they are and not what they look like; something that I feel a lot of people don’t really understand (at least not at my age). It also shows the great lengths people will go through for the ones they love. It’s a beautiful storyline with a lot of comedy. I thought the film was great and I would more than willingly watch it again!

“Two Sides To Every Story”

Before I would get into trouble or get yelled at for something I did wrong my mother would always say “You know what Mariah?” My father would not even give me a warning. He would give me this evil look that made me know I was definitely in trouble. My mother and father both have different ways of dealing with me. Being that my mom is Caucasian and Black and that my father was a country Black man from the south, I was able to experience to different types of lifestyles.

Growing up with my mom was probably the best thing that has happened in my life so far. Pamela, my mom, grew up in Gardena, California with her mother as well. Being a citizen of California in my eyes, meant things were competitive but easy at the same time. My mother took it easy on me as well as her being a loving and caring mother. My mom believes in proper language, healthy eating, non-violent discipline, and always doing the right thing. She never talked to me like my dad would. She made sure that her sentences were grammatically correct. When I did the wrong thing or when I did things I was not supposed to, she would always talk it out with me by using her words and not her actions. My mom probably only whipped me once and that was when I was about four or five. Ever since then I have never seen another belt unless it was being used to hold my pants up on my waist. Mom would always say to me, “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” By this she meant that if someone did you wrong that doesn’t mean you would be right by trying to get even with them. She felt that being the bigger person got you further in life then being the one that always wanted to retaliate. Since my mother had white in her, I experienced things I would have never experienced with my dad.

Quiet Calm Movie

I very much enjoyed the movie City Lights even though it is a silent film the talking is not even needed everything is explained in just the dialogue of the movie. this movie speaks to me telling me that it doesn't matter who you are on the outside but the inside. Also i love Charlie Chaplin as an actor due to my Dad played him in a play.
The movie City Lights is a 1931 silent film that stars Charlie Chaplin a tramp that lives on the street. he ends up falling in love with a blind girl that sells flowers. She thinks that he is a rich man and he plays the part to make it seems so. He ends up meeting an actual billionaire who becomes his friend but only when he is drunk, when the billionaire becomes sober he completely forgets who Charlie even is.
The night that the billionaire and Charlie meet he takes Charlie out to a club and they get drunk. On the way home Charlie drives and tells the billionaire that he likes his Rose Royce and drunk as ever the billionaire tells him "you like it, have it". Charlie uses the car to take the blind girl home and impresses her. he accidentally find the bill for the house payment that the girls grandma has been hiding from her. Charlie vows that he will pay for her operation to make her see and pay the rent that is due the next day.
Charlie gets a job picking up the leftovers of horses. but goes to see the girl and loses his job. determined Charlie finds his old friend who has just returned from Europe asks him for money the billionaire gives him 1000 dollars. all of a sudden robbers hit the billionaire on the head then rob him, and the billionaires butler calls the police. The billionaire doesn't remember Charlie and then the movie gets a chase scene. Charlie escapes the police gives the money to the girl and then gets arrested and goes to jail.
Years later Charlie is released from jail. the blind girl can see and owns a flower shop waits for her man to return sees a few kids picking on Charlie and gives him a flower. feeling his hands recognizes him and accepts him into her life.

Doing the Best I Could

Ever since the first day of kindergarten my parents have always told me “Tara, do your best in school. Remember your future reflects on what you make of your present.”

As early as second or third grade my mother would say, “Make sure you do your best, and get all your work done today” as we drove to school.

“Okay mom, I’ll try my hardest!” I said.

As I kept hearing the same thing every day my responses were with attitude.

A Hobo with Infinite Shells

Last night I had watched the movie "Hobo with a Shotgun" out of sheer curiosity of the name. Though completely brutal and gruesome, I thought the movie was genius. The film starts with a homeless man (Rutger Hauer) who goes unnamed throughout the whole movie, riding a cargo train to a wasteland of a city that humanity forgot. The first thing he witnesses is the local cocaine drug lord brutally beheading a man (who is Ricky from the hysterical series "Trailer Park Boys") in the middle of the street by attaching a sewer cover apparatus around his neck, dangling him in the sewer, and tieing a noose of barbwire around his neck. The noose is attached to the bumper of a truck, you probably knows what comes next.
The Hobo meanders the streets and witnesses many deplorable acts that go unattended like prostitution and murder. He ends up stumbling by this nightclub where these punk-rock looking youth randomly torture and kill people in ridiculous ways. The leader of this club is a Shia Labeouf looking greaser nicknamed Slick, who makes his appearance by having one of his cronies break a kids arm on an arcade game and then shoving his face in a pile of cocaine while telling him "You'll never feel pain again!" Slick then forcefully pursues the kids supposed girlfriend who happens to be a prostitute named Abby, who turns out to be a secret hero in the end.

The movie continues and the Hobo is questioned by the police department (because he makes an attempt to save Abby) and you learn very quickly that the police officers are just as corrupt as the drug dealers. The Hobo continues the next day and ends up witnessing an attempted robbery. The culprits threaten to chop a woman's head off and shoot her baby if they don't get their money. The Hobo has had enough, so he grabs a shotgun from the Pawn Shop shelf and gets busy.

After this is it is just an appeasing 15 minutes of shotgun shell Justice. Bum fight filmmakers, pimps, and even a child predator Santa Claus are mowed down in the path of the Hobo. What still baffles me is the fact that he never runs out pf shells.

He is then pursued by the rest of the town when the coke dealers set a school buss of children on fire (both best and worst line of the movie "Do you like Lollipops?! And School?! And Recess?!" The kids respond "Yeah!" "And Hobos?" asks Slick. "YEAH!" yell the kids. "I HATE HOBOS" screams Slick) and they threaten to kill the rest of their children if the Hobo isn't captured. Two random mechanized assassins are sent to obliterate the Hobo and kill all in their way in order to find him. The hobo is then captured and all hope looks lost.

Abby comes to the rescue with a sawn-off shotgun and a lawn mower shield (personal favorite weapon) and helps rescue the Hobo from a sewer decapitation. I won't blow the ending, but allot of people die.

This movie made me reminiscent of movies like Dead Alive because of it's blood soaked humor, but it also incorporated vulgarity in such a way that the movie feels primal in a sense. I personally loved the over-the-top bloodshed because it was meant to be somewhat funny, but I do have to admit, some scenes had me cringing and squinting. Especially when Slick is trying to murder Abby by hacksawing her neck or when she looses her fingers and then her arm to her lawn mower shield. If your in for a repulsive roller coaster of blood and guts, and awesome 80"s sounding music, watch this movie immediately.

I Am The Same, If Not Better

Sports can be an amazing part of life for those who choose to participate in them. Some are into soccer, others wrestling and other dance or cheerleading, football, track, cross country, lacross, baseball or softball. As for me, I am different. Sure I enjoy dance and I have been taken in by a family of wrestlers, however my sport is not associated with any of these. I am an equestrienne. My sport is English showing and hunter jumper activities. This is a competitive sport in which I race my opponents like a jockey, but it is not a flat track; I must perfectly jump a series of fences and gates while keeping off the competition.

I did not fit in with the other sports people. They didn't see what I do as a sport. They said I am not an athlete so I can't train with them, or even just hang out with them. Just because I don't compete within the schools does not by any means imply I am not an athlete. The wrestlers accept me because I have become more than friends with the best wrestler in the state of New Mexico in the 140 pounds weight class. I have seen them train and I train just as hard. To be able to stay on a walking horse, one needs a great sense of balance. To race and jump a horse one must have incredible leg strength, especially to keep the horse cantering and to hold on for dear life. One must have good arm strength to control the reins to keep the horse from going off the predetermined path. Lastly, one must have good posture to jump the horse and land correctly, not fall off and not get a fault, or penalty.

At school, I used to be told by my friends "that is so weird. Where would you go to do that anyway?" My response was always "this is New Mexico, there are a lot of places to ride. I ride in Lamy." What is the difference between riding horses and playing football? Isn't football just running or kicking a ball and knocking down the other players? Is it not that simple? Of course it has its set of rules, just like riding horses. I try to finish a set course faster than the other people. I don't see myself as being that different.

My trainer would tell me "okay Ariana now we are going to raise the fence higher, just hold onto the mane and she will know what to do. Her dam is a pony and her sire is a draft horse, she is the stupidest thing and I have never seen anyone handle her like you." Just like getting fatigued in cross country I got foggy after a while, and just like getting pinned by an opponent in wrestling I fell off and hit my back in the wood jumping fence. I ended up with bruises from shoulder to shoulder. When the people at school saw them, I would be asked "ouch how the hell did that happen?" I would tell my story, "I made a mistake and didn't keep my leg on. My horse, Lilly went to her hind legs and i fell flat on my back as she jumped." At that point no one would say anything. They just sat and looked at me like i was crazy. I would just assure them that it is no more dangerous than the sports they do. Just the same as getting concussions and broken legs in football, being dropped by the cheerleaders or being in a chokehold for too long in wrestling, danger comes with the territory. Riding a 2,000 pound horse is just the same as wrestling about 14 guys in the 140 pound weight class all at once. It takes just as much skill and precision as the wrestlers, cheerleaders, dancers, and football players.

Working at the barn I have realized something, riding horses can be rather therapeutic when one is not trying to compete on them. Only one of my friends understood this. She worked at the barn also. Mentally ill people or people with brain damage usually find help when it is used for therapy. Even the wrestlers will jump on a horse to correct their posture and make their back ache subside. I have learned more about life at the barn than I will anywhere else. I have learned the struggles of competition and living with disabilities. My favorite memory is when i had the opportunity to teach a little boy of the age of 7, who among a myriad of issues had Golder Hare Syndrome and brain damage. Working with him made me a better rider and person because I had to figure out how to get him to understand how to ride a horse and what a horse feels when he pulled on the reins and kicked her at the same time. It also taught me to have incredible patience. The next competition I entered, I earned the blue ribbon.

Getting a blue ribbon in one show does not mean anything about the next show however. In the warm up laps, a gust of wind blew and Lilly got spooked. She took off bucking and kicking with me still on her. I almost had her tamed but then found myself in the soft dirt of the arena. As I lay there, I felt a sharp pain shooting through the top of my arm and my fingers going into my hand. She had kicked me on the top of my shoulder and stepped on my hand. Amazingly enough, it wasn't shattered. One broken bone in my hand and some permanent skin discoloration was all she had done to me. I was shaking and a little bit afraid to get back up but I knew if I didn't, I probably never would. She was calmed and I got on her and walked her around for a while. After this incident I watched races for a while and didn't, well couldn't compete.

Down in El Paso, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, you run as hard as you can and it's still just good enough to compete but not good enough to win. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, you are expected to win. When you don't they assume the horse has bit sores or the rider just can't get it done plain and simple. I can get it done. Just like taking the state championship in wrestling or football or track, it is a pride no one can ever take away from you.
When I could get back up and start to practice again, I noticed all the coaching differences. The football coach says run four miles, and they obey. The wrestling coach says do fifty reps of a certain weight exercise, they do it. If I don't feel comfortable doing something, I don't have to do so. I have a lot more freedom in my sport because I am riding a 2,000 pound animal. If I do something wrong she may spook and I can lose control and end up dead. If I am uncomfortable doing an activity, I slowly work up to it. Part of it is skill, part courage. I would like to see the football players try to jump a four foot gate and water pond, which is easy for me.

Shows are not about the prize, they are not about winning. They are about being that much better than everyone around you. When you have found how fast you can run and how high you can jump, you have completed one of the first goals in riding. Then the task is going higher and faster. That is one way to get better. Having an eye for how fast and how high is not something that can be taught. One must have the fire inside them to have success. The higher the jump the harder the fall, the harder the fall, the more you want to get back up and prove yourself.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Deffinitley A Silent Movie

City Lights is one of those movies you only watch because you have to. I didn't exactly like the moive. I think the moral of the movie was cute and thoughtful but I also wish that they talked. Watching a movie with just music playing kinda makes you want to take a nap and wake up when its over. I appreciate the moral but in my opinion trying to get me to understand it or like it isn't without words.

This movie stared Charlie Chaplin who was in love with doing silent movies. In the movie he plays a hobo who comes across a beautiful blind women. He meets her while buying flowers from her. At this moment Charlie gazes into her eyes and realizes thats the girl for him. After this first encounter he continues to come back around and make sure that she falls for him. While all of this is going on Charlie comes across a wealthy man who is about to commit suicide. Charlie changes this mans mind and the man tells him "You are my friend for life." There is one problem with this picture. The man is only friends with Charlie when he is drunk. Once the man is back to his sober self, he acts as if he doesnt know him. So the only time these two interact is when they are happy off of a little bubbly.

Charlie ask his friend for money to help out the blind women because he knows they need help. They need help with the operation for her eye sight and with the rent. Charlie does everything in his power to help and when he gets the money he then tells her "I have to go away for a while." She doesnt understand why but its because Charlie was accused of stealing that money and put in to jail for quite a while. When he gets out he goes looking for her and finds her. She doesnt know at first that Charlie is that guy. After a couple of minutes of star gazing into each others eyes, she says to him, "You?", and then she realizes thats her true love.

I enjoyed the moral but not the movie. I'm not a big fan of older movies like this. If its not talking or in color I doubt I'm going to watch it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Those Silent Films

Charlie Cheplin in City Lights, this movie was a silent movie which I didn't really like. The tramp Charlie Cheplin is found in the beginning of the movie sleeping on a new statue that stands for Peace and Prosperity. He ends up running away from the cops and goes in one end of a car and comes out the other. On the other end he comes out to find a blind girl selling flowers. The girl is made to believe that Charlie is a rich guy because he came out of a car. He buys a flower from her and 'leaves'. It was the guy who owned the car. Charlie later encounters a guy in distress and saves his life. They become 'friends' and Charlie goes home with him. That guy he met is rich. They change and go out to a party. The next day they return and the flower girl passes by, the tramp asks for money buys all the flowers and takes the girl home. The girl tells her grandma about the rich guy. When Charlie returns the millionaire has sobered up and rudely dismisses the tramp. Then later that day the tramp and the millionaire again meet up. The millionaire was intoxicated and once again they were friends. They went to a party and again the next morning when the millionaire was sober the tramp was thrown out. Charlie goes to spy on the flower girl and sees that she is being attended to by a doctor. Then Charlie decides to go to work to help out the girl. He works as a street sweeper. For his lunch break he leaves to see the girl. At her house he comes by an ad for a cure to blindness and tells the girl. While there he stumbles upon a notice that they haven't paid rent and that the apartment can be taken away. He promises her that he'll pay it to not worry. When he returns to work he is late and therefore gets fired. While he is walking down the street he passes by a boxing arena and is asked to spar with a man and split the winnings fifty-fifty. The man that asked Charlie to spar is a fugitive and flees. the tramp is left to fight a bigger guy. For the fight the tramp gets knocked out and loses. On his way out he meets up with the drunken millionaire and goes back to his house. The millionaire gives the tramp one thousand dollars for the girl. But two burglars are hiding and knock the millionaire out. When he comes conscious again he accuses the tramp of stealing. The tramp gets away form the police and goes to the girl. He gives her the money for rent and had more left over to give her for her eyes. When he leaves he promises to return but gets picked up by the police and gets put in jail. Several months later when he is released he is walking down the street and finds a flower. He is reminded of the flower and turns around to find her very own flower shop. He looks sad and poor so she offers him a flower and some money. When she goes out to give him the flower she is reminded that it is he, who gave her the money, when she grabs his hand. They lock eyes and smile at each other.

This movie didn't really interest me. It was pretty funny and romantic. But I didn't like the fact that he lied about who he was only because she was blind and couldn't see who he really was. But again in the end she does realize he is a tramp but he did all he could to help her with rent, he always bought flowers, and he gave her money so she could finally see. Now she sees that you don't have to be rich to have a heart and want to help others in need even though you don't have. The tramp did all he could to help her until in the end he had no more and got thrown in jail. I thought that he was a really good person for going out of his way to help a girl he just met that he doesn't even know. He knew she was in need of help and knowing he didn't have what he needed to help her he went out of his way every time and eventually ended up in jail.

No Country For Old Men

This movie stared Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin. There characters were Anton and Llewelyn. These two were in a head to head battle the whole time. Llewelyn tended to go out at night and search for things. One night he finds a case of money. I am not sure how much was in there but I do know that I was worth a lot. Judging by all the things that happened, I would assume that that case of money belonged to Anton. Anton went on a killing spree, killing anyone and anything that got in his way. He was determined to get his money back.
Located inside the money was a tracking device. This tracking device leads Anton to Llewelyn. He finally caught up with him at this motel. Llewelyn was smart enough to know that something was up. He hid the suit case in the vents and checked in to another room so that he could retrieve the money. Anton was not going to give up until he had his money back. The two go at it with a shooting. They both end up getting shot and injured. Once Llewelyn gets away he tosses the money over the USA and Mexico border bridge. Even though he got rid of the money his troubles weren’t over. Anton still went after him and ended up killing him.
This movie made no since to me. I personally didn’t understand the whole point of it. All I know is that I kept hearing gun shots. I also kept seeing people die. This movie had a lot of bloodshed in it. I think that if the movie wouldn’t have been so complicated then I would have understood it a little more. I also would have put more of my attention in it if they spoke more. I kept jumping because Anton kept blowing off door knobs. I would like to know what the point of that was. All in all they movie itself was good just the moral of the whole movie was pointless.