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The persistence of need is the motivation to the Treasure of the Sierra Madres. Throughout the film the link between material goods and happiness is brought up every time somebody looks over their shoulder in suspicion. The film co-stars Tim Holt as Curtin and Walter Huston as their experienced expedition guide. Brewing ideas of treasure hunts in the public housing that introduces the team to each other and connects them with their empty pockets, which are the same pockets that hinder them from setting out on they’re conquest. After Dobbs (Bogart) and Curtin fall victim to a deceitful business man’s scheme to get out of paying them for manual labor, they make the business man fall victim to their need of money. Taking only what they are owed, they still come up short of their needed budget until a pretty cheesey happening of Dobbs claiming a winning lottery ticket falls into place oh so well. With a traveling sequence that looks extremely similar to Gollum leading Sam and Frodo up Mount Doom, even down to the strange dancing, they begin to embody they’re greed in paranoid outbursts but none extreme as Dobbs. When asked what he plans to do with his share of the gold he can only think of material goods and experiences that might make him appear well of. They’re visited by others who need, bandits who need money because they don’t want to get day jobs and they encounter a fellow American, Cody, who very boldly imposes upon their prospects because he needs to provide for his family. The plot makes sense up until they battle the bandits and Cody gets killed. Old man Howard saves a young boy’s life and is kept in an Indian village to be thanked and treated highly. Dobbs attempts to murder Curtin. Bandits kill Dobbs and take possession of the gold and then for some reason proceed to cut open the bags of gold open and spread them into the sand. When Curtin and Howard reunite to learn that Dobbs is dead and their earnings from months of work has been sent back to the place where it came from, they laugh hysterically and go their separate ways to their places of happiness where they won’t be needing their riches. Such a good movie, the acting is sometimes exaggerated but at other times it created so much friction in the scene that you couldn’t help but start to feel nervous. The photography also seemed very clear apart from random shots that looked as if they had been zoomed in on too far and got grainy. The holes in Bogart’s hat bugged me. The bandits might have had the best scenes of the movie, so racist and hilarious.

"Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

The flim "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" was released in 1948, the movie is based on a group of lower class men trying to get rich quick. The movie begins with Dobbs getting money from a rich man and proceeds to get drunk at a bar, as he is getting wasted a child walks in and tries to sell him a lottery ticket. While Dobbs tries to ignore the child because he was not intrested in buying a ticket, the kid finds his way to persuade Dobbs into buying the one. After spending his money Dobbs asks the same rich man for money two more times, the rich man feeling like he isgetting taken advantage of gives Dobbs the money but tells him that he will have to go through life without his assistance. While Dobbs sets out to get more "hand outs" he comes across a man offering him a construction job with good pay, Dobbs agrees and goes to work for him. While on the job he meets a man named curtain, as these two become good friends they finish out their construction job. when they get back to toepeka they find out that the "employer" they were hired by does not pay his workers and keeps all the money made from the contract to himself. As the two disappointed workers find a place to sleep they come across an old man who tells stories of gold, riches, and greed. Not thinking to much of these stories they go to sleep. the next day while out in the streets they come across their so called employer who ripped them, as they confronted him he started to try and talk his way out of paying them, but relizing they would not give up he started to fight them. But the twon pulled it off they kicked his ass and got their pay. while deciding what to do with their money they decieded that they will go and fing the old man named howard and get rich by gold mining. After a couple of months gold mining they started to get rich and along with that greedy. Dobbs began to become delusioanal and thinking that the other two were conspiring against him he started to see them as enemies. A few months later a man accidently came upon the group and wanted in on the gold. while taling a group of bandits come and a gun fight starts up. upon defeating the bandits a group of indians ask the men if they could help their son who was ill. Howard then respondeded by saving the sick boy and becoming a hero. The group finally decideds to quit mining and cash in their gold. The group of indians confront the group and want to praise howard for saving the boy. leaving the group howard decided it would be safer to leave the gold with Dobbs and curtain and he would meet up with them later in durango. On the way down dobbs attemts to kill curtain, but curtain escaped and and a group of indians found him. when he got to the indian village he told howard that Dobbs had shot him and ran off with the gold. howard got a war party together and ran off with curtain to retrieve their gold. when they got to durango they found out the Dobbs had been killed by bandits. As howard and curtain searched through the belongings they found no gold. they then went outside and and found the bags that the gold was in, they then find that the gold had been swept away and carried back to the mountains. And all they could do is laugh.This very entertaing bacause i like old stories about gold it also taught alot of morals about wealth and the downfalls it may bring.

"I think I'll go to sleep and dream about piles of gold getting bigger and bigger and bigger."

Initially, before I witnessed this movie, I thought it was going to be a corny western with a aimless prospector running around begging for help. I was sorely mistaken. "Treasure of The Sierra Madre" is a movie that answers all the questions I had about being a Gold Miner. The movie opens up with a poor Humphrey Bogart looking at the Spanish Stock exchange (yikes) and sadly turning towards a bar, were he is pestered by this little boy who wants him to buy a lottery ticket. Eventually after some persuasion he buys the cheapest lottery ticket and precedes to bum money of the same guy three times.The last time he gets a "Red Cent"from the wealthy fedora-ridden businessman, another less-wealthy appearing man offers him a job. Fred C. Dobbs is quickly swindelled out of labor though. He soon learns that the man who offered him a job uses jobless people as labor and then leaves to the next town before he has to sign a check. Mr. Bogart and his accomplice then find the man in the bar. After some shots are purchased, the bums proceed to give him a beat-down and take only what they agreed on and nothing more. That night they reside in a poor house for "Gringos"and meet a man who continues to talk about the gold rush. This is were the adventure really takes off.
The old man, known as Howard, tells them he will take them to the mountain in search of gold if they have the money for the trip. After counting the money the took from the crooked contractor and Fred conveniently winning the lottery, they give Howard the money. Both Fred and his friend Bob Curtain initially set out towards the mountain and think they have found huge mounds of gold. Howards chuckles and points out that it is Pyrites (Fools Gold). They have a conversation about gold in general, and Howard dishes out some of the most memorable quotes I have ever heard. Though Fred is persistent about the glory of wealth, Howard leaves them with "Water's precious. Sometimes may be more precious than gold". At this point in the movie, I was defiantly sensing that Fred Dobbs was going to go through a major character reform and probably become very obsessive about gold. Spoiler alert: he defiantly does.
After finding sand-like gold in the mountains, Bob Curtin encounters a man at the shop in town while buying more supplies. His names is James Cody, and seems very interested in what Mr. Curtin is up to in the mountain. Bob says that he's a hunter, but James knows that there is not much game in Sierra Madre. He stalks Bob and makes an offer to the group after being threatened with death. He offers his help but wants a slice of the golden pie. The only other alternative is death. The team recruits him in a sense, but not for long. He dies after a shoot out with some bandits who claim that they are forestry officials.
Later that night, Howard helps a little boy who had nearly drowned and is praised by the locals. The locals return and offer a banquet in honor of his life saving capabilities. Humphrey just has to open his mouth though and puts all of the locals on edge. After a machete standoff, Howard leaves his gold with the two and departs. Fred proceeds to become more and more obsessed with the gold and even ponders the idea of stealing Howard.
He mentions this plan to Curtin, but Curtin instantly rejects the idea. Fred gets agitated and proposes that he continues to the bank. Curtin tells him that they need to set up camp. A few words later and the men are watching each other sleep at gun point. Fred eventually shoots Curtin twice and claims the gold. Curtin escapes though, by dragging himself to the locals in the mountain.
Fred meets his just end soon by being robbed by the same bandits who he had the shoot out with. They brutally murder him with a machete. Bob and Howard hear of this and try to find the gold where the bandits tried to sell the burros. Unfortunately the gold was sliced open and spilt about because the bandits thought it was mere sand. The men have a good laugh and then sweetly part ways.Such a great ending, everything was resolved and the antagonists were either imprisoned or murdered. That is how I like them!

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The movie “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” was filmed in 1948. The film begins with Dobbs roaming the streets begging for money. Not knowing he asked the same man 3 times for money. The man finally told him to get a job and gave him money one last time. He impulsively spends his last bit of dough on a lottery ticket that a little boy was going around selling. Later he goes with his friend Curtin to seek a shelter in a cheap flophouse where they meet a toothless man named Howard. They heard him talking about mining gold. At first they didn’t really care but after they had to fight their boss just to be compensated, they both return to Howard and decide to go mine gold. At the time of this decision, Dobbs just found out that he won the lottery. With this money they go buy the tools for their adventure. Dobbs says everything dug up will be split three ways.

The three men start their adventure in the mountains where Dobbs and Curtin believed they found gold. Howard told them it is just fool’s gold. They continue their adventure up the mountain, and finally find what their looking for. As the gold is mined and measured Howard becomes unsatisfied with the small amount and becomes paranoid. The three men eventually turn against one another. Dobbs becomes suspicious of the other men suspecting that they want to take his share of gold and just leave. Another man named Cody just shows up and wants to be included in their plan, but is no sooner killed by bandits.
Later on Howard eventually has to leave the group, and leaves the other two to find their own way back alone. Dobbs lets his greediness get to him and ends up killing Curtin and leaving him there. Little did he know Curtin wasn’t dead, and gets away and meets back up with Howard. As Dobbs is making his way back to Durango, he meets up with bandits who kill him, and take his burros along with all of the gold. The bandits are then executed. When Curtin and Howard got note of Dobbs death, they set off to get their belongings, little did they know the bandits emptied all the sacks of gold thinking it was just sand. The men were left with nothing. Howard tells Curtin that he will get his money back from all the animal skins only if he agrees to go to Dallas to talk to the widow of Cody. He agrees and leaves.

I really enjoyed the movie. I really liked the story line as well. I like how Dobbs greed is ironic because at the beginning of the movie he says that if he had just enough money to get him by, he wouldn’t need anymore. This irony just proved that having a lot of money can change someone for the better or the worst. In this case it was for the worst. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was that it was like 2 hours long. I was beginning to fall asleep and get agitated, but overall it was a good movie, I would so watch it again.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre is about two men named Dobbs and Curtain. They become friends and are trying to find some work, so they can make money. Dobbs and Curtain find a place to sleep and overhear an old timer talking about gold mining. The two men find a job and take it but get cheated out of money. Once they find the man who cheated them. They take their money and decide to find Howard the old timer, so they can make a lot of money mining for gold. The two men don’t know what they got there self’s into. Once they start to find gold. The three men become very mean and dishonest with each other. Another guy follows Curtain back up to their camp site. So they decide to kill him but bandits come and they have a shoot out and that guy gets killed anyway. So the men decide to pack up and leave. The old man helps a sick boy and decides to stay with those people because he is getting cherished. Dobbs and Curtain take off hoping to get out of that mountain alive but get into fight about the gold and Dobbs shoots Curtain. Dobbs takes off and goes crazy and runs into the bandits and they kill him. Curtain runs into Howard so they set off to find the gold but are too late. So they did all that work for nothing.
I thought the movie was ok. I liked how it showed how people can get greedy with money especially if they don’t have it. It showed that it can ruin friendships also. I think that if the movie was in color it would be better because it went very slow and got boring at times. The movie was ok but I wouldn’t watch it again.

The True Treasure..

The movie, "The Treasure of Sierra Madras," is an interesting movie that kept me guessing the next move. When the movie begins, it shows that a man by the nickname Dubs was getting money from a rich guy. He uses the money to get a clean shave and a lottery ticket. The young boy who sells Dubs the ticket guarantees that Dubs will win the grand prize. Dubs then goes to the park and lays on a park bench. On the park bench next to him there is a man named Curtin or also known as Curt. The two seem to be friends because they then decide to find a job. They get hired by a man who asks them to help build a structure. When the job is done the man who hired them skips out and doesnt pay them. They find the man and fight with him for their paycheck. That night they stay at a shelter and meet an old man who is talking about gold mining. They find it interesting and pursue the gold mining idea after they learn that Dubs won the lottery ticket. The three man make a promise that they will split everything three ways. They begin their journey and buy supplies that they will need. They encounter three barriers but overcome them. They mine for gold and gain a respectful amount of gold. They start to become paranoid about each other before they finally call it quits. The old man is asked to go to a village to save a young boy who is ill. He saves him and then leaves without the villagers thanking him. They start traveling back to the little town and then the old man leaves by force because of the villagers. Dubs and Curt are the two that are still traveling back to the little town. But Dubs then turns on Curt and shoots him as an attempt to kill him. Although he fails in killing Curt. Curt crawls to some villagers and meets up with Howard eventually. He then tells the old man what happened. They ride out on horses to catch Dubs. Dubs is taking his time traveling to the little town because by this time in the movie he is losing his mind. The bandits find him and kill him after he attempts to fight them. They search his donkeys and find the gold but mistaking it for sand, they spill it. They sell the donkeys but get caught and eventually killed. In the end nobody is lucky but Howard, and Curt learned a lesson. They then go their separate ways.

In my opinion, this movie is by far one of the greatest movies that i've seen yet. It kept me interested from beginning to end. I also learned a valuable lesson from it. Which is, that gold can change the most honest person. But in my situation, i say that the lesson is that something that is worth the value of gold can change a person. It is something nerve-racking but then again if you think about it, it is true.

Yellow Belly Fever!

"Burt, did I ever tell you about the time I mined for gold? "

I'm going to say, straight off the bat, Humphrey Bogart's character Dobbs pissed me off. Don't get me wrong, I think Bogart is a terribly fine actor. I mean, his last name is Bogart.
Yeah, it is a cool name.
Treasure of the Sierra Madre is an epic tale of a scummy american looking for wealth. The beginning of the movie, Dobbs is carrying his belonging and begging for change. He lands himself a job with a companion of his named Curtain. The two americans are cheated for their work and not paid. Diddling about, the two stay the night at a shabby homeless shelter. They over hear an old prospector telling tales of gold.
Dobbs and Curtain find the man who cheated him, kick his ass, take their pay, and return to their jolly little fountain to wash up. While washing, Dobbs strikes the idea of gold mining.
Gold mining?

Dobbs and Curtain gather the old prospector, Howard and easily talk him into the idea. They make do with the money they have for supplies and round up some donkeys. The three trail off into the mountains and begin their hunt. Dobbs and Curtain certainly ( Curtain and certainly......) underestimate Howard when it comes down to trekking the mountain side.
They encounter Fools Gold thinking it's real gold. Howard gleefully tells them that they'll be different men once they actually get gold.
After finding REAL gold and setting up camp, the guys begin to gather a healthy amount of gold. As time goes on for the trio, Dobbs begins to slowly lose his sanity. He is suspicious that his two companions might kill him and steal his share of the gold.
Curtain travels into the nearby village to restock on supplies and food. He meets a fellow american who is curious about gold hunting. He follows Curtain back to camp and joins the three for beans.
The next day, the trio decide whether to kill Cody or let him join their group. They all agree upon killing him. As they are about to shoot him dead, they see a pack of banditos (I love that title) tearing up the mountain.
They hide behind rocks and wait for the leading bandit. Dobbs talks to the head hancho with the following line "I don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Legit enough.

A gun fight ensues, leaving Cody dead. The three are unharmed as the banditos are chased off by federals. They search Cody and read a letter from his beloved wife. I damn near teared up when Curtain read the part about fall harvest.
The men mine the rest of what they can before they decide to call it quits. They decide to head towards Derango and part their ways there. While camping one night, the group is confronted by some natives looking for help. The leader of the men speaks to Howard and tells him that his son is ill and in need of a doctor.
He did try this guy but he didn't really make things better.

Howard departs with the native man and heals the child by treating him out of shock. Howard returns with Dobbs and Curtain but they are confronted once again by the native man. A party is to be held in Howard's favor for bringing good health to the man's son. Howard arranges to meet the two men in Derango while he goes and parties it up with hot women, a baby swine, and fruit.
Meanwhile, Dobbs begins to lose it completely. He shoots Curtain and decides to take off with the gold. Curtain survives and drags himself off to the native's village. He meets back up with Howard and they decide to go get Dobbs and their gold.
Dobbs, now completely delusional and half-dead, runs into the leader of the banditos. They kill him (Yes!) and take off with the donkeys. They tear through the bags of gold and dump it, thinking it's just dirt....Dumbasses.

The banditos get the swiss army punishment and laid to rest. Howard and Curtain catch up to their donkeys and discover that the gold was dumped. They release a wild laugh at the irony of it all. Howard tells Curtain that he's going to retire in the village as a medicine man and asks if Curtain can return to the States and deliver the news to Cody's widow.
The movie ends with the two waving off to each other. Epic.
I thought the movie was extremely well done. I was captivated the whole while sitting on my butt. I have to say, those couches are both confusing and uncomfortable. Beats the desk chairs though.
All the way around, it was a far out movie. I like how Humphrey Bogart is this dick who isn't really a likable character. He is portrayed as the main character in the film but a lot like Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men, he dies and the story carries on.
I love the fat bandito by the way. Comic relief is always great in small doses.

"Badges we don't need no sticking badges"

The movie the treasure of the Sierra Madre is an old black and white film about a man who is just about flat broke. He is a beggar on the streets he meets another guy on a park bench who is also out of money they become close friends and go and work for a man who said who pay them for the job. Turns out after they finish the job they get ripped off. They then go spend a night in a homeless shelter and meet an old timer who talks about gold prospecting. then they see the man that ripped him off and beat him up in a small epic bar fight. They get there money back and decide lets see if the old man is right they decide to find him and go mining. they strike it rich and then one starts to get greedy they hide their gold to have another man follow them and what in on the gold they decide to kill him but he notices some bandits. They have him live only for him to get killed in a gun fight. They all finally decide to go home said they have made enough money and they start on there way. The old man goes with some Indians to help a sick boy the other two men get into a fight and one shoots the other and takes all the gold. he gets killed by the bandits and they think the gold is sand and dump it all out they lose it all the only man laughs and says "the gold went back to where it came from" they all laugh and they they go their separate ways.
Overall i think that the movie is a great film it has on the other hand a lot of interesting parts I enjoyed this movie and would watch it again it has a very good plot and has a discourse community between the three men they trust each other one minute the next they hate and try to kill one another. The ending is a huge twist to have all that gold fly away from them that sandstorm just came around at the perfect time didn't it?

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

This movie is a old movie about a man who is down on his luck and will do almost anything for some money. He begs for pesos and asks one guy a few too many times. He gets his hair done and goes to a bar to ask for more money when a man offers him a job doing construction. Him and a bunch of other people work for this man, but turns out he is not ever going to pay the men their money. The man goes out into the wild panning for gold with two other guys. No one trusts the other and they divide the gold they panned every night. A group of bandits tries to take their guns and ammo away from them, however they do not give up their weapons. Next a hunter wants to join the men, but he is not trusted and the bandits come back and kill him, solving that little issue. The old man leaves them for a life of luxury and asks the other two to bring him his gold later. The main character tries to kill the other man he was with but only wounds his shoulder. This man gets away and goes to the life of luxury with the old man. The main character ends up killed by the bandits and the other two men live separate lives happily ever after.

This movie, for me was kind of hard to get into. In some places it was funny while in others the predictability was hurting me inside. I suppose for being a movie from the 1940's, it was pretty good. The fight scenes were terrible though. I kind of predicted that the main character would become greedy and I was right. I was a little bit happy that he was killed. The old man's laugh was pretty funny, but at the end when the two men were laughing, that got annoying after about ten seconds. I think I would like this movie more if I was more comfortable and not so sick. I think this was a good movie but not one I really want to see again.

"The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"

The film begins as Dobbs is roaming the streets begging for money. He unknowingly walks up to the same man for the third time that day, and asks him, “Can you help a fellow American?” The man tells Dobbs to get a job and gives him money one last time. Dobbs spends the last of his money on a lottery ticket then goes with his friend Curtin to a shelter. At the shelter they hear an old man named Howard talking about mining gold. At first they think nothing of it, but after working a job where they have to fight their boss just to be compensated, the two men return to Howard and they all decide to mine gold. At the point the decision is made, Dobbs gets word that he won the lottery and the men are all set for their adventure.

The three men go off in search of gold in the mountains. First, Dobbs and Curtin believe they found gold only to be told by Howard that it is fool’s gold. The men continue on up the mountain until, eventually, they find what they’re in search of. The men begin to mine and as they continue to get more gold, Dobbs decides he isn’t satisfied with such a small amount. He talks the other men into mining for longer. Dobbs’ greed is ironic because at the start of the film he states that if he had just enough money to get by he wouldn’t need anymore. This shows how much having money changes someone. As time continues, Dobbs begins to become suspicious of the other men, suspecting they want to take his share of the gold and flee. Another man, Cody, also shows up and wants in on their mining plan but is soon killed by bandits.

Eventually, Howard has to leave the group so just Dobbs and Curtin are left to make their way back alone. Dobbs becomes so suspicious and greedy that he ends up killing Curtin and leaving him thinking he is dead. Curtin gets away alive and goes back to where Howard is. Dobbs, however, begins to feel guilty for what he has done, or what he thinks he has done, rather. Later as Dobbs is making his way to Durango, the bandits meet up with him, kill him, and take his burros along with all of the gold. The bandits make their way into a town where they are then executed. Howard and Curtin get news of Dobbs’ murder and go into the town to find their belongings but no gold. The bandits emptied all of the sacks of gold thinking it was sand. The two men are left with nothing, but find joy in the fact that it could have been a whole lot worse: they could have had the same fate as Dobbs. Howard stays with the people he was taken in by and tells Curtin that he will give him his money from the animal skins they’d acquired if he agrees to go into Dallas and talk to the widow of Cody. Curtin agrees and sets off.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. After hearing it was a good movie from several people, I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed, but I didn’t have high hopes either. I liked the story line and how it showed that money (or gold in this case) changes people. I liked the irony in that Dobbs believed no amount of money would change him and he wouldn’t be greedy, but as soon as he got money all this was disproven. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the length of the film. After the first hour and a half I was beginning to get antsy. But, when you get past that, it is a really good film.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

This 1948 film starts out with Dobbs, the main character, roaming the streets of Tampico begging for money.  When Dobbs realizes he has been asking the same man for money the last three times the man tells him to find his own way of making money and stop pestering others.  Dobbs proceeds to the bar where he spends his last bit of money on a lottery ticket that a young boy promises him that he will be the big winner.  After leaving the bar he runs into a man named Curtin who is also struggling for money, and the two decide to go stay at the shelter for the night.    While settling in, they overhear the man next to them Howard, speaking of the money available in prospecting for gold.  The two continue on to do weeks of hard labor overseas for a man who skips out on their pay.  Once they go searching for the con and get their money, Dobbs learns that he won the lottery ticket money as the young kid told him.  Dobbs and Curtin decide to meet up with Howard, the old man who was talking about prospecting for gold and put together all of the money the three have to buy supplies that they will need to start this gold mission.  During the journey, they all agree to split the proceeds three ways equally and keep track of their own earnings.  Throughout the venture, the men slowly become greedy and begin to turn on one another, thinking they each had bad intentions.  When they decide to end the journey and head to Durango with their gold, Dobbs becomes the greediest of the group, causing him to attempt to murder Curtin while Howard is gone, but fails.  While Dobbs is alone and leading all of the mules with the gold on the trail to Durango, he runs into the bandits, who in turn murder him and steal the goods to sell in the city.  In the end, the gold is missing and no one wins.  Curtin and Howard meet up again and proceed in laughter when they realize the extent of everything.
John Huston did a good job of getting the point of greed and selfishness across throughout the movie.  I enjoyed watching this film because it kept my attention and kept me wondering who was going to turn on who first.  There was action and adventure which kept the movie interesting.  I liked that the movie actually had a message to it, and was clear throughout the film.  I am not sure if I could watch this again, but I thought it was a good movie overall.

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WP 2 Links and Some Extra Credit

Hey Class!

Here you'll find the link mentioned on your assignment sheet for Writing Project 2: Avast, Me Critics! Ye Kill the Fun: Critics and the Masses Disagree about Film Choices.

And below are links to the three 1986 film reviews the author mentions: Top Gun, Crocodile Dundee, and The Karate Kid Part II.

On a separate note, since I mentioned the alternate parody trailers for The Muppets, I thought I'd post them here for a fun game. Correctly name which films the four trailers are parodying in the comments for extra credit!

This first one's easy:

This one's a parody of sequel, so it's a little tougher. But even though I didn't like the original, I still recognized it:

This one's much more obscure, especially since it's a parody of an American remake of Swedish adaptation of a popular novel:

For the grand finale, this is the most difficult since only the beginning of the trailer is a parody, and unless you're very familiar with the parodied trailer, you'll need to recognize the music cues:

Now get to it! And no cheating!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Movie starts out with Fred C. Dobbs asking around on the streets for money, when he doesn't realize he has been asking the same man for the third time in a row at different locations. The man gives him the advice to start making his own way of living and to quit bothering him, but then gives him a little extra coins to ensure he doesn't come back begging again. After spending his last bit of dough on a lottery ticket from a young boy who guarantees him to win, he and a man named Curtin who is a fellow indigent, stay at a shelter. Getting ready for bed,  they overhear a man named Howard rambling on about prospecting for gold. Weeks after the conversation with Howard and after doing hard labor for a man who didn't want to pay up for the job done, Dobbs and Curtin go in search of the old man. Putting the money Dobbs unexpectedly won from the lottery ticket and the money the other two men had together, they spend it on supplies and burros to head up a mountain to mine gold. In the beginning of the expedition, Dobbs pledges to split everything they dig up three ways. As they mine and measure more gold, the men gradually begin to turn on each other and become untrustworthy of one another. Dobbs becomes the greediest of them all and loses his mind when they agree to be done mining and set back home. In the end nobody wins, when Dobbs is killed by bandits and Curtin and Howard set out to find him and their goods but only come to realize the bandits dumped all the bags thinking it was sand.

I think this film is wonderful for a lot of different reasons, but for the main reasons, one, it was very suspenseful, and two, it was adventurous. John Huston kept me interested in this 1948 film with his ability to put deep meaning into every scene shot. With the greed building up between the three men and with the group of bandits, Huston gets his point across about being selfish and dirty. Towards the end when Fred C. Dobbs was going crazy, it really was making me angry to see him turn into the enemy because he had been the first to say that he would only take what he needed, and no more than that.