Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everything Happens For A Reason

I had everything. I played varsity sports, was in the best classes and clubs, had two jobs, and a lot of friends. My life was perfect. I was halfway through my junior year of high school when my parents dropped the bittersweet news. My dad was coming home from Iraq, but moving us away from our home in Pflugerville, Texas, for his new job. I couldn’t believe them. I couldn’t believe they would move me away from everything I had worked for and looked forward to. I treated the idea as a joke. At school I told my friends not to worry I would be back the next year to stand in the senior section of the gym during the pep-rallies and help win the spirit stick. But my parents weren’t on the same page as me. No matter what I said I could not convince them that staying would be in the best interest for me and my family. I finished my junior year as best as I could, making sure to finish my years at Pflugerville High School on a good note.

Summer came and I decided to try and contact the volleyball coach at my new school so that I could work out with the team and try to join their volleyball program. The coach then emailed me back and said, “Give me a call.” I thought he was trying to blow me off, but I was desperate to become a part of the team so a couple of days later I called. He answered immediately and I was confused.

“What’s up girl?! Hold on I’m in the middle of a sand volleyball game. I’ll call you in fifteen minutes.” I immediately wondered if I had the wrong number or if his son had answered the phone. I had never had a coach who was as young as this one sounded or that actually played the game of volleyball. He called me back and informed me of camps and tournaments that were going to start a month later, and I wouldn’t have a chance of making the team if I missed them.

My summer was then cut short by two months, and everything I had planned to do to say goodbye to my hometown and everyone in it had to be compacted into a single month. I hung out with my friends, ate at my favorite restaurants, swam, and played sand volleyball as much as I possibly could with a curfew set to only midnight. Even with all of the fun, my days were numbered. My friends threw me a surprise going away party, and a week later I got in my car and drove twelve hours to Rio Rancho, New Mexico. All of a sudden I had to step up and accept what had happened. I had a new home and a new way of doing things.

Just as soon as I arrived, I began my year as the new kid and went to volleyball camp. I didn’t know anybody except for the coach who I had spoken to only a few times, and I was extremely intimidated. My new coach, Ben Wallis, turned out to be a former volleyball player and college coach. Right away I started learning so much from him. He was extremely organized, and had our schedule planned out for us before we were even accepted on the volleyball team. Not only was he organized but he was young and loved the game of volleyball. He sometimes would have us over to his house on the weekends we didn’t have games. He would have his wife cook us dinner while the team would take over the living room.

“Did you see that hit? It was such a smart swing for her to use that angle! That block was to the pin, remember that Hope. Use the angles, don’t be a butthead.” Wallis would say as we watched college volleyball games. Team bonding activities on his team were all about volleyball and furthering our knowledge of the game, not just making the team chemistry stronger by doing useless things.

Wallis could speak to us in terms that showed not only his knowledge of volleyball but also his understanding of high school players. If I had a dime for every time he said, “I’m going to scissor-kick you in the back of the head!” I’d be rich—he knew how to let the team know they messed up without screaming his head off. He used his humor to build relationships with his players and it felt as though he knew all of us individually.

This team had a coach that was the complete and polar opposite of my prior coach. My coach in Pflugerville, Jeff Coward, was very unorganized; sometimes we didn’t know when we would be having practice until the day of and the times would be changed multiple times. He would sometimes decide to do pointless things instead of practice the day before huge games, like five a.m. nature walks, to team bond. He would let his uncontrollable eight year old sit on the bench during games causing a player to have to stand.

He said things that made us feel as though he didn’t really know the game of volleyball, like, “Hope you need to hit the orb harder.”

At the beginning of the season we would make fun of him behind his back.
“Did you hear what he said? He called the ball an orb, what an idiot.” Girls would say during a water break. It got to the point where the whole team had no respect for him.

“Are you seriously wearing a pink shirt? That doesn’t even look good.” I can remember a teammate laughing and saying to Coward before practice. Once a player even took over and decided there would be no practice.

She walked in with her hands on her hips and simply stated, “I am getting my nails done today so practice is cancelled.” I remember the whole team looking at Coach Coward seeing what he would do about it.

He said, “Okay, see everyone tomorrow.”

It was obvious that he knew that he had lost everyone’s respect, by the fact that he let her cancel practice. His poor coaching style reflected in the fact that we lost most of our games.

As volleyball season really started to kick in, I was realizing slowly that the move wasn’t that terrible. I had even managed to make the varsity team, whose potential of winning a State Championship was greater than my previous team I had left behind. With the help of Coach Wallis’ excellent coaching techniques, and the discourse community he built for us, our varsity volleyball team took second place in the State Championship Tournament.

Reflecting back on the move to Rio Rancho, I’d have to say it was a blessing when I thought it would be a curse. My family was able to stay together, I benefitted from a great volleyball coach and it changed my future. Now I am certain, everything happens for a reason. I was given a new start, new opportunities, and a new team to make the best of; most of all, my family was along for the ride.

Good thing it was in the title...

The Bicycle Thief is about a poor man named Antonio Ricci, who is offered a job if he has a bike. Antonio and his wife go through great lengths of pawning their sheets so that he could have a bike and accept the job that he desperately needs. Unfortunately on his first day putting up posters, his bike is stolen. He is devastated. For hours he walks around looking for the bike with his son Bruno. After a very unusual day (fancy meal and fortune teller) the two head home. On the way, they run into the boy who stole his bike and chase him demanding it back. They chase him all the way to his village and have a police man help inspect the boy’s home for the bike. They come up empty handed. On the way home Antonio gives his son money to get a ride home. His son misses the first trolley and gets to watch the full show of his father trying to steal a bike and getting caught. The owner saw how sad the boy was and decided to not press charges on Antonio. The movie ends with the father and son walking off disappointed that they’re without a bike hand in hand and back to the unemployed situation they were in at the beginning.
I was very unsure about how I would like a movie not only in black and white but also in a different language. Of course I usually like movies that end happily ever after but surprisingly I enjoyed this film. Honestly, if the title hadn’t had given away that his bike would be stolen I might have needed a few tissues for my tears. I thought it was just so sad that after all the excitement about the job, his son even cleaning the bike before work, it was all just ripped away from them.
Also, I found Bruno to be a very difficult. In some parts of the movie I thought he was such a brat! Like when he fell and yelled at his dad afterward. Then other times I felt so much empathy for him, like when he cried at the end for his dad. Overall it was a good movie, I enjoyed it more than the previous movies we have watched for class.

Something So Simple Yet So Valuable.

The Bicycle Thief stars Lamberto Maggiorani who pays the main character Antonio Ricci. Antonio Ricci is a man that lives in poverty with his wife Maria Ricci, Lianella Carell, and his two kids. One child being a newborn and his other son named Bruno Ricci, Enzo Staiola. This man needed to find a job to support his family. When he stumbled upon one, he was faced with a delima. The man offering him a job told him you either have a bike or you have no job. Of course, Antonio was able to figure out a way and buy a new bike. Now that Mr. Ricci had his job everything would be okay right? According to that theif, Antonio's aspirations of being the man of the house wasn't going to last for long.

While at work, on the first day, putting up posters at the Florida a thief comes up while he isn't paying any attention and takes his bicycle. Antonio stops what he is doing to chase after this stranger. He chases him until he vanishes in to the rest of the crowd of people. Poor Antonio just couldn't keep up with this person. As the day progresses his whole attitude and dameanor changed. He didn't even wanna return to his home because he knew he would have to face his wife.

The next day Antonio and Bruno set out on foot looking for that darn thief. They searched high and low and even had a friend help them out at the chop shop where all the stolen bikes are taken to. They come across one man with a bike and think that he is the one responsible for the theft. After a reading of the serial number, Antonio knows with an instant he didn't take the bike. The two keep looking and keep searching until they come across another man. This time Antonio chases him down in to his own house. They come out to the street as Antonio is threatening this man to no end. At this moment it's Antonio against about 50 people who are on the other mans side. Bruno runs off and returns with the police so they can search this mans house. After the search is done, they come up with nothing and Antonio is once again wrong. They take off and leave the scene before it could get any worse.

Finally Antonio has had enough of not having his bike and not having any help with the search of it. He tells Bruno to go catch a street car and meet him in a different location. As they are both walking in different directions, Antonio decides that today he's going to take someone else's bike. Bruno misses the street car and ends up watching the whole thing go down. As his father is trying to get away with this bike, the people are chasing him down. When they catch him they roughen him up a bit and tell him that he's going to go to jail. Luckily Bruno's sad faces and tears sets his father free from these angry people. By now, Antonio and Bruno are devastated and have both given up faith in finding that bicycle.

I feel that this movie was pretty good. I got to learn a valuable lesson out of this. Basically no matter how simple something may be, to someone out in this world or even to you that item has a great amount of value. We should take more pride in the simple things of life. I feel so bad that these people had to experience such hardship. While watching this movie I felt sad and I was hoping and wishing that the story had a happy ending. This film genre is on the lines of Crime and Drama. Its a great movie all in all. I feel Vittorio De Sica's tale was touching and related to alot of actually events in real life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"The Man Who Never Saw His Bike Again"

The movie the "bicycle thief" was about a man named Antonio Ricci who has a problem not

having a job but then gets an oppurtunity on short notice but it calls for a bicycle and Antonio

doesnt have one so when he tells his wife maria that he needs a bike she helps him buy a bicyle

by selling 6 sets of sheets, after Antonio got through that obsticle he then shows up the next

morning to work after dropping off his son bruno as a poster decorator across the town but

while he is working a thief takes off on his bike and Antonio chased him but couldnt catch up to

the thief so Antonio then has to go pick up his son and walk home to tell his wife the bad news,

before he walks in the house he told bruno to go inside and Antonio left to go get help from a

friend down the street and his friend helps him look for his stolen bike but no luck so Antonio

keeps trying all day but nuthing, then he saw the thief on his bike talking to an old man then

took off before Antonio could get him so Antonio goes after the old man in church and gets info
about the thief, when Antonio got to the place he runs into the thief and confronts him even

with a cop for help Antonio ends up in square one so then Antonio gets so frustrated and

desperate for his family so without thinking he tells his son to wait for him in the next town,

when bruno is about to leave he sees his dad stealing a bicycle but sadly gets caught, the

gentlemen let Antonio off eazy in front of his son after all of that Antonio and his son bruno end

up going home empty handed.

I think the bicycle thief was a good movie to me because it has you wa

nting the same thing as Antonio ricci throughout the whole movie but when you see Antonio and

his son in the same mess after all of that was just wrong to me, he shouldve got his bicycle back

after sacrificing everything for his job but not every movie has a happy ending so this movie

was a good bad movie to see for me

Kill you and your little brother...

Half of a summary is in the title of the Bicycle Thief. Everyone’s out of a job and Antonio Ricci needs a bike for his new found job putting up posters around town. He had one, but had to pawn it off to feed his family. So to get his bike out of hawk, his wife sells the house linens to the same pawn shop that has the bike. Antonio puts up half a poster on his first day of work then gets his bike kiped by some jerk walking by. After not being able to catch the thief he swears vendetta. Accompanied by his ever loyal son, Bruno, they venture through the streets so vigorously it’s like a pack of stray dogs looking for half eaten crusts to pepperoni pizzas in the trash but none of the restaurants serve pizza. Antonio gets desperate and points the finger at an epileptic kid with an afro and gets kicked out of that neighborhood. Goes across town, steals somebody else’s bike and gets kicked out that neighborhood too. They make Antonio and Bruno kick rocks, one cause they didn’t want them in their part of town and two because they didn’t have a bike to ride. I loved how the subtitles left all of the crowd’s chatter out of the dialogue. I think it really added to the feeling of not having any characters other than the Ricci family. That bike fair was also soooo legit, I wish that many people rode bikes here. The way his wife rode on the frame was way too classy.

'Dude where's my bike"

The movie the Bicycle Thief is about a man named Antonio Ricci who has a family but doesn't have a job then he is sitting outside of a building and someone gives him a job. He says he needs a bicycle Antonio's bike is broken so he tells his wife and she sells the sheets off their beds. They g0et 7500 for the and he buys back his bike he then gets a job posting up posters. His first day while posting up posters a teen steals his bicycle. He goes on this epic mission to get his bike to find the teen who stole the bike to find out he doesn't have it. He decides to give up tells his son Bruno to get on the bus and go home then he sees a bunch of people chasing his dad who is riding a bike. They catch Antonio but the guy decides not to tell the cops then the movie just ends with Bruno and Antonio walking away.

This movie was interesting i have always like the old school choreography with the black and white film the movie was very straight forward but it was a little confusing. I wanted to see a happy ending i noticed also that the cops didn't want to help out Antonio at all they kinda just ignored him. I never even explained to see if Antonio lost his job somehow got a new bike it kinda just ended with their lives going to worse.

What Is Better Than Italians Yelling At Each Other?

Hey, I'm Italian myself.

The Bicycle Thief (1948) is a post-World War II tale about a man named Ricci trying to nail a job so that he can support his family. Scoring a poster job, he finds out he needs a bicycle in order to do the job. His wife pawns our their sheets in order for him to successfully get his bike back from the pawn shop.
The first day of the job, Ricci has his bicycle stolen. No one stops the thief as Ricci chases him down the street. That right there is a sad indicator of how his luck is going to be through out the rest of the film.
Having help from a few friends and his young son, Ricci goes on a hunt to find his bike and the thief. With no luck and a run through a church, he begins to get unnerved and hits his son.
Ricci treats himself and Bruno (his boy) out for a glass of wine and dinner. He has a sad realization while eating, that if he doesn't get back his bike, his family would not prosper at all.
After they finish, they go to an old woman who supposedly knows everything. She gives them redundant advice and Ricci pays for her advice and soon sees the bike thief. Unsuccessful with apprehending the thief, Ricci flees the scene with Bruno close by.
Desperate, Ricci gives his son money to ride home on a bus as he tries to steal a bike off the street. The owner of the bicycle sees him in the act of doing so and shouts for everyone around to help. So...Everybody and their mums chase after Ricci and drag him off the bike. The owner takes back his bike but decides not to press charges when he sees Ricci's son crying for his papa. The movie ends with a sad overtone of Ricci holding hands with his boy. Tears begin to blossom in his eyes as he realizes he isn't going to achieve in winning his bike back.
I honestly felt like my brain took a massive emo poop after watching this film. I really did like it but I just couldn't unwrap my mind off the fact that Ricci wasn't going to escape the odds. After the film ended with him and his son walking off, I kind of wanted to tear up. I did like some of the tiny snap shots of slap stick in the film. The priest bopping the son on the head. The church goers chasing Ricci and stopping to pray. And the wife's comment on how her husband looked like a police man in his work uniform. Over all it was a captivating movie. I think the older films really exemplify on a moral in a story. I watch most films today and don't see that.

Catch him!

The 1948 movie The Bicycle Thief, is a story of a struggling man in Rome looking for work to feed his family.  While a job opportunity arises that requires him to have a bicycle to get around, he and his wife are forced to sell their sheets to buy a new bicycle.  On his first day of work, his bicycle is stolen.  Ricci chases after the thief, but loses sight of him.  When Ricci learns that the cops are not interesting in the theft of a silly bicycle, he, his son, and his friends set out to search for the bike.  Without any luck, they soon give up after a long search and he and his son proceed to head home.  While walking, Ricci spots the thief and chases him into his neighborhood while harassing him to return the bicycle.  Bruno, Ricci’s son grabs a police officer while the people of the neighborhood defend the thief and torment Ricci to leave.  The officer explains that without evidence, there is nothing for him to do.  Ricci and Bruno get on their way and take a stop on the curb across the street from the crowded football game.  While sitting there, Ricci contemplates stealing one of the many bicycles sitting outside of the stadium unattended, with no other option of keeping this job without one.  As he orders Bruno to take the trolly home and meet him there.  Bruno misses the trolly and sees his father speeding off on a stolen bicycle on the side street with a crowd of men chasing him.  The men catch Ricci and decide to let him go, seeing his despair.  In the end, the son and father walk off in tears, right back where they started.
Like always, I thought I was not going to like this movie since we had to read the subtitles the entire time, but it was actually pretty good.  It was a little slow, but it kept my attention, wondering what the outcome would be for the poor family.  I felt bad for the little boy Bruno mostly, poor little guy just wanted to help his dad!  Overall, I liked this film, but I doubt I would watch it a second time.

If Only Everyone Was Honest...

Antonio Ricci is finally lucky enough to get a job. However, his luck is soon over because he find that he is missing the one item he needs to acquire this job-a bicycle. Antonio goes to his wife, Maria and informs her of this news. The two sell sheets and make enough to buy a bicycle and still have some money left over. After buying his bicycle, Antonio begins his job. While he is working, a man comes up to Antonio’s bicycle and steals it. Antonio chases the man but doesn’t catch him. That night, Antonio tries to avoid his wife, but she hears of the news anyway. The next day, Antonio, his friends, and his young son, Bruno, go in search of the bicycle. They search high and low until just Antonio and Bruno are left. At one point, they see the man who stole the bike talking to an old man. Antonio goes to the old man and tries to get him to take him to the thief. The man, however, runs away. After a long day and still no luck, Antonio and Bruno finally stumble upon the thief yet again. This time Antonio catches him and tells him to return his bike. The entire village turns on Antonio and Bruno goes for a police officer. When the police officer arrives, they search the man’s home and find nothing. The police man tells Antonio that he’d be able to do more if he had evidence.

Down on his luck, Antonio tells Bruno to take the trolley back home and he’d meet him there. As Bruno is about to get on, he sees his dad riding a bike with a large crowd chasing him. Bruno immediately runs after his father, who has now been caught by the crowd and is being pushed around and being called a scoundrel and a thief. The owner of the bike decides to let Antonio go without informing the police. Antonio and Bruno then begin walking back home without a hope and knowing that they won’t be able to afford living. They are back where they started.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit. It’s awful to think just how one stroke of bad luck can send the teensiest glimmer of hope crashing down. Antonio was just trying to lead an honest life. All he wanted was to work to feed his family, but because someone felt the need to steal from him, he and his family must continue scraping by. At first when I realized it was necessary for me to read subtitles I was kind of bummed. However, I tried being optimistic and thinking, “If anything, it’ll keep me focused on the movie.” Little did I know that the movie would hold my attention so well. I’m beginning to see a pattern in all these films we’ve been watching. Before I begin the film I am somewhat closed-minded, but once I start watching them I’m hooked!

Give Me Back My Bicycle!

The Bicycle Thief, was to say the least, an interesting, albeit depressing movie. It showed the struggles of a middle class family in Rome whom are struggling to get jobs and keep their heads above water. Antonio Bicci gets a job putting up posters. A bicycle is required for the job, and Bicci and his wife,Maria, sell the sheets off their bed to get one. On his first day of work, Bicci is putting up a poster in the Florida, when his bicycle gets stolen. Bicci then spends the next day looking for his bicycle in the local markets with the help of his friend,who's name escapes me at the moment. They do not find the bicycle, however when they get to the second market, they spy the thief and an old man who appears to be an accomplice of some sort. Antonio follows the man, demanding him to tell him where the thief can be found. The man shrugs him off, and Antoine follows him to a church where he finally gets the information he wants(after disturbing the mass). He tries to get the old man to go with him, but the latter slips away. So, Antonio and his son leave the church, and Antonio goes to a lady that, earlier in the movie he scolded his wife for believing that she could see the future. The lady tells him that he has to find his bicycle that very morning or he would never find it again. I'm not going to repeat the rest of the plot, but let's just say that at the ending he attempts to steal a bicycle after being unable to recover his own. Now for my opinion. The movie was a little confusing and hard to follow at first. Being a Japanese anime freak I am used to reading subtitles, but a lot of the conversation didn't show up on screen. The story itself was good, and although it was overall depressing, I have to say I did like this movie.

Dirty Thief!!!

Ever been so desperate to get something that was stolen from you that you try to steal another persons belonings? In the film "The Bicycle Thief" that is in every way a reality for the main character Antonio.
The story begins with Antonio being given a job to hang posters. There is a catch however, he needs a bicycle. His bike was broken and they didnt have any money to get it out of the repair shop. His wife sells thir bed sheets and gets seven thousand five hundred lira. With that money he gets his bike and starts his new job the next morning. While he is working putting up a poster his bike is stolen from him. He gives chase but soon realizes it is hopeless. That night he goes to a friend to ask for his help in finding the stolen bike. Antonio is at the market all day with his friends and son, no luck finding the bike. Antonio later leaves to search another market for his bike. It is raining and he and his son find cover under a building. After it dies down he spots a familiar man and a familiar bike. The thief meets an old man and gives him money. Again Antonio gives chase but is outmatched. He and his son search for the old man and follow him into a homeless shelter. Antonio follows him into mass and tries to convince the man to help him find his bike. The old man is reluctant until the police are brought up in the conversation. Antonio his son and the old man leave the mass but Antonio is stopped and loses the old man. Antonio feels like he has lost, he is depressed and irritated. To ease this tension he takes his son to eat, and there they forget their troubles for a time. At dinner Antonio gets the idea to see a fortune teller. She tells him if he doesnt find the bike today he will never see it again. Leaving the womans home he sees a familiar face, one who he believes is the thief. he gives chase and catches him demands his bike to be returned. The people in the neighborhood become involved and corner Antonio. Thankfully Bruno, his son, found a policeman. With the policeman Antoino searches the house and finds nothing. He and Bruno leave beaten again. They are outside a stadium, Antonio plans to steal a bike. He sends Bruno on a street car while he goes to steal the bike, Bruno disobeys and watches his father. Antonio is caught and chased down by several men. After being caught the owner of the bike seeing a crying Bruno decides to not press charges. Antonio and Bruno begin to walk home. without a bike and without a job.
The film The Bicycle Thief was one I did not like to much. I felt the acting was poor, along with the subtitles. I have no problem reading during a movie it was that i didnt know if others conversations were relivant to the plot or not. The story was some what played out, almost predictable. I believe he did what he could to find his bike but it just didnt do it for me. Also i thought the film was not well done. I did not like the film nor do i think i really respect it as a film.

Life in the Struggle

As I sat down in the very back row of the class (a new seating aramgement to me), I looked up at the screen and noticed that it was another black and white flim, subtitled, and probably uninteresting. I was wrong about the last presumption. The film "The Bicycle Thief" is a sad look at the tough life of a man who is trying to provide for his family by getting a job glueing posters to walls. The job requires that he own a bicycle, and even that is out of his price range. His wife actually has to sell all the bed sheets in the house in order to buy one. She is upset, but according to this christian-edjucated guesser she visits and gives money too, she is willing to make the sacrifice. Selling the sheets proves useful, because the man sets of to work the next morning and
shows that he has both the coordination and drive to ride a bike with a ladder and a bucket of paste.
Disaster strikes though when a boy with a German hat steals his bike and he loses track of him. I thought at this point he was just going to pursue the villian for the rest of the movie, but no, Vittorio De Sica has to get me emotionaly attached to the man's son. The man avoids going home and meets up with his toddler son. They go looking for the bike, and at one point the man leaves his son unnattended and hears screams from the shore. The son ofcourse is standing safely at the top of some stairs. The father sighs deeply and returns to his son, now not really in the pursuit of the bike but in "Pursuit of Happynes" (similar premise much). This story doesn't end with the man on jet skis though, spoiler alert. Even after treating his son to some mozzarella
bread and some alcohol (kid deserves it too, he has a part time job), the man's day just gets worse and worse.
Later on the man finds the culprit and follows him into, what looks like to me, is a brothel. The culprit is then dragged into the street and is threatend by the man. People come to the theif's aid and prepare to beat the man for accusing a boy with "a clean record". The kid even pretends to have a seizure in order to look innocent. A cop then brakes it up and assists the man in searching for his bike in the thief's house, which proves to be modest and without a trace of the bike. The man then has to swallow his pride and shove his way through the angry people on the street.
You sly bastard.

The man returns to the scene of the initial crime and ponders the idea of stealing a bike. After much pacing and debate, he gives his son money for a cab and commits grand theft bicycle. He races off and only gets about fifty yards before being ripped on the bike and smacked around. All the while, his son watches his father be disgraced.
If only the man had tried pursuing another job instead of the bike he might not get backhanded in front of his son and forever forbidden from walking the streets near the local brothel. The movie starts and ends with a gloomy tone, and given the chance to see it again, I wouldn't. I understood it's importance as far as showing the struggle a man makes to feed his family, but I could just at the world around me than watch a black and white movie with subtitles.

Epic Fail

The Bicycle Thief was filmed in 1949. It was about a man named Antonio Ricci who was an unemployed man living in Italy with his son. Antonio was out to get a job, and when he finally did get one it required a bicycle. His family was too poor to get one so he and his wife stripped their bed, and went and sold their sheets. His job consisted of posting up posters around the city. Every day for work he would drop off his son at the gas station to wait for him.

The very first day on the job, Antonio was busy standing on a ladder putting up a poster, when all of a sudden he turned and saw a man taking his bicycle. He jumped off yelling "theif theif!" as he was chasing the man, and was helped by no one. On his way to pick up his son, thats all he could think about. His son asked him "what happened to the bicycle?" and he just kept walking with his down because he didn't want to talk about it. They went to one of Antonio's friends to see if he could help him out, but he wasnt able to untill the next day. That next day they went to a place where they had no0thing but bicycle stuff. As they walked around for a very long time looking for Antonio's bike, they had no luck. Antonio recognized the man who stole his bike, and started chasing him, but then lost him once again.

After so many failed attempts Antonio makes a stupid decision to send his son home on the bus and steals a bike. He was chased by a huge crowd of men. His son saw what was going on and missed the bus to go help his dad. Antonio was then let released by the mob due to his son being there, only he was released empty handed.

Overall, the movie was alright. I liked the constant cycle of bicycle stealing. When you look at it, Antonio's bike was probably stolen by a poor person who had a job as well. Motivated by desperate need, Antonio steals a bike himself. I also liked the irony in this movie. Antonio's bike gets stolen, and no one helps him chase the guy, but when he steals a bike, a whole mob chases after him. On the other hand I didnt like the fact that I had to read the subtitles. When the other people were having conversations there were no subtitles to it, so it made me think if that conversation had anything to do with what was going on or what. There also wasnt a happy ending, or a good moral to be learned in this movie. Either way I wouldnt watch this movie again.