Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Car Bomb

Opening with one of the longest scenes I can remember seeing. A car is sabotaged with explosives as it's parked on the Mexican side of the American border. After a probing by an odd colored Charleton Heston at the border, the car enters the United States and explodes. Mexican DEA agent Miguel Vargas (Heston) takes great interest in the car after the detination of the vehicle he inspected personally. Occompanied by fellow officers of various degrees and enforcement agencies one of whom is police Captain Hank Quinlan played by director Orson Welles. They embark on a series of interrigations and search for their culprit. Drifting in and out of deep shadows and racial tensions. Film noir always makes for a good mystery. And Orson Welles makes for a good movie.

Narcotics in Mexico

Touch of evil is an interesting movie it all begins when a bomb blows up a car and kills someone. The bomb was planted on the US side of border and blew up in Mexico. An officer is interrupted on his honeymoon and has to leave his wife alone to go on the case. When they later go on to the case they go to the house where all the dynamite is 'hidden'. Vargas the officer finds out that the chief and another officer set up the young man. On the other hand he is also trying to solve another case on the Grandis and drugs. So while Vargas is on these cases he safely hides his wife in a motel on the US side of the border. Or so he thinks his wife is safe. While Vargas is concentrating on the cases he has to work on Grandi has his own secret plans and begins to get at Vargas through his wife.

This movie was really interesting being that it took place between Mexico and the US. I didn't really care for the Grandis I thought they were very rude and really didn't care much about anything. When the chief officer set up the young man with the dynamite I thought that was pretty obvious they were just trying to catch him for something and trying to look good to get some credit.  I was glad Grandi finally got what he deserved but I didn't think it had to be done the way it was done. All in all the movie was a good movie but  I wouldn't care to watch it again because it didn't catch too much of my attention to make me interested in watching it again.

That Darn Crooked Cop

The film “Touch of Evil” was filmed in 1958. It begins when a narcotic officer Mike Vargas has to put his honeymoon on hold to investigate a car bomb that went off on the Mexican-U.S border. Ramon is put to work with American officers Hank Quialin and Pete Menzies. They are trying to find the suspect. Ramon starts his own investigation on officer Menzie when he finds out that officer Quinlan and officer Menzie are planting evidence to convict an innocent Mexican suspect. Ramon believes that Menzie is a crooked cop. Sergeant Menzie decides to team up with Uncle Joe Grandi to ruin Vergas’ image. Susie (Vargas’ wife) rinky-dink hotel get broken into by the rest of Grandi’s family. They drug her to stage a murder. At the end, the truth finally comes out about Sergeant Menzie.

I really liked the fact that this movie was an awesome example of the dark shadow effects that we are learning in our movie class. On the other hand I disliked it because it dragged. It took forever to finally get the point across, so it lost my attention. I wouldn’t watch this movie again.

Good cop/bad cop

The 1958 film "Touch of Evil" is about a Mexican narcotics officer Mike Vargas that has to put his honeymoon on hold when a car bomb goes off on the Mexican-U.S. border.  Vargas decides to help out on the bombing case and put off his trip back to Mexico City where he is working on a narcotics case against the Grandi family.  When Vargas catches Police Captain Quinlan and Police Sergeant Menzies planting evidence to convict an innocent Mexican suspect, he begins his own investigation on Sergeant Menzies whom he believes to be a crooked cop.  Uncle Joe Grandi decides to team up with Sergeant Menzies to ruin Vergas’ image.  The rest of the Grandi family break into Vargas’s wife, Susie’s motel room and drug her to stage a murder.  With many twists to the film, the truth eventually comes out about the crooked Sergeant Menzies.
I honestly wasn’t really a fan of this movie.  I thought it was a little over dramatic.  They could have maybe helped out the actors with better Spanish/accents!  It did give a good example of the shadows and lighting effects that we are learning about though.  It was an interesting movie overall, but I don’t think I would watch it again.

Evil On The Border

This movie is a movie made in 1958. The plot is about a younger couple walking over the border between the US and Mexico. A bomb is planted in a car and explodes, killing two people. The young man is a drug enforcement agent and is sent to investigate the bombing. One of the officers sent to investigate the bombing is suspected by Vargas, the young man, to have been planting evidence. The young woman gets herself into trouble when she didn't mind her own business. The men she gets into trouble with is the brother of a man her new husband has been investigating. When she goes to a hotel to remain safe, the men took over the hotel and arranged for Susie to be "kidnapped." She is drugged and framed by the corrupt cop for murder. In the end the corrupt cops are killed and Vargas and Susie move on with their lives.

This movie is one that is in black and white. It is an early thriller and is, amazingly not that predictable. This movie is one that should be appreciated, however I would not like to see this movie again. The acting is not that great and some parts of the movie drag on. The ending was the most exciting part, however the build up to this movie was a disappointment. I think Susie could have had more emotion when she should have minded her own business, then she would not have been kidnapped and drugged. Overall I think it was a good movie.

"He needs to lay off the doughnuts"

The movie a Touch of Evil is a movie about a Mexican cop who goes to America with his wife to get a new life. A bomb gets planted in a car and it explodes right next to Fargas and his wife. It turns out that a corrupt cop who is a huge dude comes into play and the Mexican cop who's name is Fargas. He finds out that the huge cop is corrupt he tells the cops partner who is even in on the scheme. Fargas decides to rat out the cop he has this epic quarrel with everyone from the family that Fargas is investigating to the corrupt cop that he is trying to put away.

This was a movie i very much enjoyed it started to lose me close to the middle. I became a little lost but towards the end of the film it pulled me right back into it and i started to get really into the film. The lighting and effects in this film were very exquisite. It had a great plot that turned out to be very interesting and it was kinda a thriller to me kept me on the age of my seat at the end. the movie Touch of Evil i would really recommend

There's Evil in Everyone

The movie Touch of Evil is about a Mexican officer named Ramon Miguel Vargas that works between the Mexican- US borders. A bomb was planted in a car that goes off on the US side but was supposedly planted when the car was on the Mexican side. Ramon has to delay his honeymoon with his American wife Susie because of this bombing so he can figure what happened. Ramon has to work with other American officers Hank Quialin, Pete Menzies, while Ramon and the other officers are dealing with trying to find a suspect. Hank is a crooked cop and is trying to set up this guy Sanchez for the bombing. Ramon thinks is wife is safe and sound but really she got kidnapped by Grandi’s people. Grandi is a man who Ramon has a case against. Hank tries to set up Ramón’s wife by murdering Grandi but Pete helps Ramon by getting Hank to admit to his wrong doings. Hank ends up shooting Pete and Pete shoots Hank but the truth still came out and Ramon can go back to his wife.
The movie was hard to pay attention to because I think it went slow also because it seemed like it took forever to get to the point or what was going to happen. The movie was black and white which could have been another reason the movie was hard to get into.

Dirty Copper!!!

The film Touch of Evil begins with newly weds on a stroll when a car explades. The couple is Susie and her husband Mike Vargas. He is a narcotics investigator. Mike takes a part in the case to solve the mystery and has to team up with an american hot shot detective who doesnt care for hispanics much. Vargas goes with the detective and several other police around to look for evidence. The trail leads to a rich mans daughter and he hispanic lover. With her father dead her lover had been living in the house. The american detective arrests the young man for they found evidence in his bathroom. Vargas is in disbelief so goes on his own case to prove the boy innocent. To keep his wife out of trouble he sends her to a dinky motel in the middle of the desert. Through Vargas's misadventures a gang whos leader had been put in jail by Vargas kidnap his wife and bring her to the second in command. The ending of the movie is shocking. Many points twist and turn.
In my opinion it was a great film. Reminded me of a hispanic Sherlock Holmes. It was well shot with the contrast of light and shadow. It kept me interested the whole time and on the edge of my seat. The actors were also well picked and did their job very well. If you like detective or thrilling films Touch of Evil is a must see. I have a great respect for this film. It is well done indeed.

Grunting Fat Guy with a Cigar? Seen It!

Tonight I attended the movie screening for "Touch of Evil" and was initially interested. It starts out with a car bombing, but the bomb was cleverly planted and timed perfectly to blow up after the car passes over the Mexican border. The crime scene is investigated by Ramon Vargas (Charlton Heston) after he tells his wife to leave, but a much more robust and mumble ridden character takes over the investigation. Sheriff Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles) states that the explosion was caused by dynamite. He knows this not because he really investigated the crime but rather he had a feeling in his bum leg (yeah right). Charlton and Orson continue to
investigate and question a poor Mexican fellow that Quinlan physically harasses. Quilan has a partial prejudice against Mexicans and it shows in this scene. Meanwhile, Vargas' wife is questioned by the local clumsy crime boss Joe Grandi. Mr. Grandi is an almost lovable bafoon of a crime boss that sounds like Warrio from the Mario Brothers series. His wife mouths off about how her husband is a lawyer dealing with his case and pretty much seals her fate. Susie, the wife, then complains about the safety of the border hotels and demands to be relocated to an American hotel.

From here the plot as far as the crime boss pans out exactly as I suspected. He follows Susie to the hotel and sicks his gang of loser greasers to kidnap her. The plot definatly thickens though as one of the characters turns out to be a double crosser (I will not say who). The movie did not really amuse me as much as I wanted it to, though I thought the part where Susie is listening to the person in the next room describe Marijuana as "Mary Jane" split my sides. To me this was another overly dramatic Noir film. Not my cup of tea, but if your a murder mystery fanatic, you might enjoy the film.

American Soil Vs Mexican Soil

Touch of Evil, 1958, begins with a terrible car explosion that the newlyweds Mike and Susie Vargas witness while crossing in to the mexican border. Since her husband is a narcotics investigator he feels he should take interest in the case and try and help out. Since he wants to help he must leave his new wife at the hotel in Mexico. She then doesn't wanna stay there any more and moves to the motel on the US-Mexico border. Come to find out Ms. Vargas is the only one checked in to this motel. Hmmm interesting isn't it?

Since that motel was only supervised by one person the brother of the victim in the car crash has his gang go to the motel, harass, drug, kidnap, and move her to a different location. By now Mike is worried and upset because he wasn't and still isn't able to get in contact with her. While at the other hotel, one of the American officers (Quinlan) come in and kill the victims brother. Quinlan does this to where poor Susie gets framed and is taken in to custody.

Vargas knows his wife is innocent and knows exactly who did this. Menzies gets wired and goes in to question Quinlan. This plan fails because he connection turns bad to where their voice is now echoing out loud on the speaker. Quinlan finally realizes that Menzies is wired and he shoots him. Vargas comes in to let him know like "Aye i know what you did!" The American officer tries to denies it and they get in to a little arguement. Luckily Menzies wasn't dead. He shoots the officer and Vargas is able to get away and go retrieve his lovely wife.

I loved how Janet Leigh played Susie. She was very brave and believable. I also enjoyed the movie as well. The plot to me wasn't that interesting but at the same time something about the movie kept me focused on the movie. All in all I say it was a pretty good movie. At times I did get lost due to the fact that they would say "I don't speak Mexican." I didn't know if what he said was in spanish or if what he said wasn't proper to the American.

"It's a mess! It's a stinkin' mess!"

Just as their honeymoon is about to begin, Mexican Narcotics officer Mike Vargas (Charlton Heston in “brown face”) has to leave his wife so he can handle a case that has just risen. The minute the thrilled couple crosses the Mexican-US border on their way to Mexico City, a car blows up, killing the man and woman in it. Even though the explosion happened on the American side of the border, it is obvious that the bomb was planted in the car on the Mexican side. Because of this, Vargas takes on the case but butts heads with American officers who believe it is in their jurisdiction. Vargas is forced to leave his wife in a ghost town with a dead motel where she is the only guest. The film goes on to show how the case progresses with several bumps in the road, including a mess involving Vargas’s beloved wife.

I found the film to be quite interesting. It had a good plot but and managed to hold my interest fairly well. What bothered me just a bit, though, was Heston’s fake Mexican accent. It was irritating when he spoke Spanish because I didn’t think it was very convincing. However, once you get past this it isn’t so bad. It was a good movie but I doubt I’ll be seeing it again any time soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie Exchange

Hey everyone! i thought this would be a great way for us to see lots of different movies and become better reviewers as well. I would like for us to post movies we have and are willing to lend to our fellow classmates. Netflix updates are also welcome. This would be a great way to get out of our comfort zones with movies and to appreciate the different arts. So start posting guys. Thanks and I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity.

For starters movies I have are: Tekken, Iron Monkey, the Resident Evil trilogy, The Protector, and a few more i can't quite remember right now. I will update with the rest of my movies and also the ones i have seen on netflix.