Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"My hobby is stuffing things. You know, taxidermy." is a Red Flag for Maniacs!!

There is something very entertaining about watching delusional people operate creepy establishments, and if you agree, try watching Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho". The movie follows a young Lila Crane (played by Vera Miles) who gets the wild hair to embezzle money from her bosses client. She attempts to leave the city and even trades her car in to avoid being caught. After leaving the car dealership she tries to leave town but a blizzard arises and she ends up on the old highway road. Lila discovers the Bates Motel and decides to stay for the night. Upon reaching the front desk she is confronted by a jittery but polite desk clerk, Mr. Norman Bates. After renting one of the many vacant rooms, the woman is invited to have lunch with Mr. Bates, and what a strange lunch that was. He makes sandwiches and milk (which would be another red flag for me to get the hell out of there) and proceeds to tell her about his taxidermy hobbies and his mother.

Lila returns to her room to take a shower and on the other side of the wall Norman proceeds to watch her through a hole in the wall. Norman then goes all "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" on Lila and stabs her in the shower repeatedly to what sounds like a violinist with Carpal Tunnel. Norman then cleans his frenzied murder and places Lila's body in the trunk of his car, which he later pushes into a swamp. The police and Lila's friends notice her disappearance and proceed to investigate what had happened to her, but things get weird. Loud arguments between Norman and his "Mother" echo from the Bates House and further exploration by Lila's companions expose a ugly and slightly numerous truth about Mr.Bates. I will not spoil the ending if you haven't seen this masterpiece o' thrillers, but I highly recommend it. Though the visual effect look cheesy, I believe it adds to the character development. Well done Hitchcock, well done.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

omg crossdresser yes hahaha

the movie psycho is a film about a girl who works for a realtor she steals 40,000 dollars to go live with this guy shes been hooking up with to end up on the way to his home town she gets caught in a rainstorm. Then has to stay a night in a motel off the highway she meets a man who tries to hit on her and is a total perv. the girl gets killed by the mom of the creeper then the detective gets killed. it all ends by finding out that the creepers mom is dead and he has a dual personality.

this movie is awesome and funny in away the corny music and effects of the stabbings just priceless i like the music for the movie overall a 4 out of 5 in my book interesting none the less. they have even teased on this movie for a south park episode i love it awesome film.

2 Identities = PSYCHO

The movie Physcho was filmed in 1960, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Marion is at work, but can only see her lover Sam on lunch breaks. They are in love but cannot get married because Sam gives all his money to alimony. At work one day she is trusted by her employer to take $40,000 and put it in the bank. Seeing the oportunity to take the money and start a life Marion leaves town and heads to Sam's California store. He employer sees her leaving. Paranoia beges to distract her, but keeps driving anyways. She wakes up in her car on the side of the road and sees a cop at her window. The cops sends her back on her way, but begins to follow her. with paranoia and a guilty conscience she keeps driving. While on her way, she gets caught up in a storm, and pulls off the side of the road to Bates Motel, which is un known by people. Norman Bates who is dominated by his sick mother runs the hotel.

Marion agrees to have dinner with Norman. after when Marion is alone she takes the money and puts it in a folded newspaper, and puts it on a nightstand. When Marion is taking a shower someone comes in and stabs her to death. Norman then comes in and cleans up the mess. He puts her body in the trunk of her car along with the newspaper with the money, and pushes her car into a near by lake.

Marions sister begins to search for her at Sams store. She doesnt find her there, so her Sam and a private investigator begin to search for her. The investigator goes and questions Norman. He is then brutually murdered by the same person that killed Marion.

This was a sick twisted movie which I oddly really enjoyed. It definitely kept me on edge. I went in thinking Marion was going to be the psycho, but just by watching Normans behavior, hes definitely the psycho. I was really shocked when I came to find out that Norman was playing not only himself, but his sick mother. It was crazy. I would defintely watch the movie again, and refer this to other people.

Note To Self: Avoid Renting Motel Rooms At All Costs

The film, “Psycho,” begins with Marion and her boyfriend Sam in a hotel room in Phoenix, AZ. Marion is on her lunch break, the only time she can see Sam. She returns to work where a man enters with her employer and decides to do his transaction in cash, $40,000 to be exact. Marion’s employer instructs Marion to deposit the money in the bank, but she takes it instead. Marion packs and leaves town, headed for Sam’s store in California. On her way out of town, her employer sees her driving away in her car. Paranoia begins to set in, but she continues to drive.

Marion wakes up in her car parked on the side of the road to find a policeman at her window. The policeman sends her on her way, but appears to follow her. Marion goes to a car lot and trades in her car for a different one. The policeman is still following her at this point. Marion drives, guilt and paranoia nagging at the back of her mind, until she can drive no longer. She stops at Bates Motel, a small motel that usually goes unnoticed by any potential customers. A young man, Norman Bates, runs the motel with his sick mother. Norman gives Marion her room and asks her if she’d like to have dinner with him; Marion agrees.

As soon as she is alone, Marion takes her money, folds it into a newspaper and sets it on the nightstand. When Norman goes back to his house, Marion overhears his conversation with his mother. She hears how he argues with his mother because she is appalled at his desire for Marion. After a strange conversation with Norman, a very strange man indeed, Marion goes off to her room. As Marion is taking a shower, someone comes in and begins to stab her until she is dead. Norman then comes in to clean up his mother’s “mess.” He takes Marion’s body, places it in her car, and pushes her car into a nearby lake.

Lila, Marion’s sister, goes in search of Marion at Sam’s store. When she doesn’t find her, it is up to her, Sam, and a private investigator to find Marion’s whereabouts. Little do they know that they are no longer looking for someone who ran away with a load of cash, but they are actually looking for someone who has been brutally murdered.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was definitely a change of pace from the movies we’ve been watching being that it is a horror/thriller film, but that’s a good thing. Throughout the movie, I just sort of sat there watching Norman’s behavior. He is definitely psycho. One thing that really got me was his constant laugh. It’s like that of a little boy, which at the end of the movie you find makes total sense. After the film was over, I was creeped out and, oddly enough, intrigued. Norman’s character really intrigued me and I think I’d like to learn more about the workings of his mind. To Norman, it wasn’t actually him committing these murders, it was his controlling mother. He truly believed that. That’s what makes me extremely curious about his psychological disorder. All psychological curiosity aside, the film was really enjoyable and I’d definitely watch it again.