Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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HAL's great niece is this dub-step song

One of Stanley Kubrik's finest movies is the 2001: Space Odyssey.
An epic space tale that was filmed in 1968. The film takes place forty years in the future where man kind has finally reached space travel. A mysterious object is reported to be found on Earth's moon, so a team of souped up scientists decide to go investigate the mysterious object, which in turn is actually a giant black obelisk. The story carries forward a few months later to a space ship that is traveling to jupiter to look into another strange occurrence. On the ship there is an artificial intelligent computer named HAL. HAL is able to watch everything on the ship and control everything. The human beings on the ship are the pilots and scientists, David Bowman, Frank Poole and three others who are in a cryogenic stasis. HAL begins to find "errors" in the humans' performance and begins a rough relationship with them.
As things begin to go haywire in the ship, Dave begins to discover the strange alien obelisk that was previously seen on the moon. Sucked into the black object, Dave is filled with out of this world visions and images before the biggest twist of the movie occurs.

Dave is turned into a MONKEY!!!

Stanley Kubrik was a visionary and a genius writer in my opinion. Even a movie that is over forty years old can still captivate us. The style is slow but that is how stories used to be. In our movie times (2000-2011) a lot of films are just rapid fire. Scenes change so quickly that it doesn't give us time to really comprehend and think about it.
Sometimes you do have a slow movie that is just plain slow and loses your attention easily. But not Space Odyssey.

The face only a geek could love.

just goes to prove computers can kill you.

"2001 A space Odessy" is a science fiction film. It is about astronauts who find something on the moon, and Jupiter. They have a computer system that controls their bodily functions, such as breathing while they sleep. When the astronauts plot to shut down the computer, it takes its revenge in killing all but one of the men on the ship. That one man manages to disable the computer. After that a pre recorded message shows stating that the thing on the moon is a monolith that emits a radio signal at Jupiter.
This movie was very,very random. I did not like how it bounced around so much and I did not think it needed to be that long.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2001: A Space Odyssey

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is about the change of evolution due to a monolith being placed long ago.  A journey to the moon with humans, on the spaceship controlled by a computer system, HAL 9000 takes place, where the a monolith is discovered.  The discovery draws curiosity in the humans, urging them to set out to Jupiter.  HAL is programmed to communicate like humans and portray emotion, but eventually endangers the crew, attempting to take over.  Dr. Bowman tries to destroy HAL, and continue the “secret” mission.
I honestly don’t really even know how I feel about this movie.  First of all it was really weird, and HAL’s voice was way too creepy for me to handle!  I was sort of confused, and bored since it was a long movie.  Maybe I need to watch it a second time to really appreciate it, or understand it.

Internal Primates Forever

“2001: A Space Odyssey” takes its time as it takes us through time and space. Dazzling us with, for its day, remarkable special effects (which it won an Oscar for in 1968) and extremely conceptual ideas of space travel and what the future would look like. Though the furniture is still very 60’sesque with its rounded corners and drastic color patterns, like odd shaped red chairs in completely white rooms. Krubrick uses his exaggerated style in A Space Odyssey to pound his point across of the possibilities of evolution, the insignificance of human existence and the past’s ominous obsession of computers taking over the world when humans develop the technology to give machines emotions and free-thinking capabilities. The story follows Dr. Bowman, who is also an astronaut, on a very long journey to find this big rock that appears out nowhere at the beginning of the film. He’s accompanied by a couple other astronauts and the all-knowing (with his power supply on) computer, HAL. Just as the apes demolished their opposing creatures millions of years ago and how the humans demolished the apes, HAL attempts to demolish the humans of the space craft, until they unplug him and show him whose boss and continue the journey without him.

I became more interested in the movie after they finally started talking and the story began and Kubrick finally stopped stroking his artistically genius ego (something he loved doing so much that he made another annoyingly persistent movie right after A Space Odyssey called A Clockwork Orange) with the captivating and thought provoking shots for about 45 minutes. I also caught a couple references throughout the movie; “Hal’s Moving Castle” might be a direct reference, along with the navigating computer in “Wall-E” who attempts to take over the vessel in space. Personally, Kubrick films annoy me pretty bad. But I might give it another watching just to find more reasons to back up why I dislike it.  

Journey to Evolution

The movie “2001: space odyssey” is about a monolith that was placed during a prehistoric time, which caused a shift in evolution. The shift in evolution caused humankind to reach the moon’s surface. Dr. Dave Bowman and the computer Hal are at a race to reach the monolith first, so they can discover the next step into evolution. While during this process Dave and his partners practice and prepare for the mission. The computer Hal who is very intelligent knows that Dave and his partner Dr. Frank Poole are planning to disconnect Hal, so Hal betrays Dave and Frank until Dave puts a stop to it and disconnects the computer Hal. Then Dave hears about the monolith and begins his journey. Dave finally reaches his destination and won at the next step in evolution. As he sees himself age and create new life.

I have mixed emotions about this movie. I think it has a great story behind it but at times, it can be confusing and has a few boring scenes. I think I would watch this movie again to get a better understanding of it.

“I’m walking on the wall. Now I’m upside down! La la la!”

“2001: A Space Odyssey” begins by showing the beginning of time. The film shows how the apes begin to evolve with their use of bones for tools and weapons. The film then goes forward into the future where you see people navigating around space. You hear speak of an epidemic on the Clavius base, which you later learn is a cover story as the Americans search for something. The venture to the moon is that of several humans, and one computer system, HAL 9000. HAL is a computer that is said to make no mistakes. The computer can talk to the humans and is programmed to portray the emotions that humans have. HAL believes he (though it is a computer and therefore an “it,” it has a male voice so I shall refer to it as “him”) must take over the mission and takes such drastic measures as killing off the humans. The film continues with Dr. Bowman’s fight against HAL and he continues his search on Jupiter, the search that only HAL knew about until he was terminated.

This movie was strange. I didn’t really understand most of it. It was like one minute you’re seeing a point but then it keeps changing. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be digging deeper, looking for some deep hidden meaning or not, but I kind of wanted to. Either way, it’s pretty crazy to see the technology imagined back then. While it’s slightly, disappointing that the technology isn’t that advanced today, I’m still slightly relieved robots aren’t taking over our lives. I can live without the fear of my MacBook deciding I can’t do my homework. Though, that might make a pretty good excuse for not doing it! Jokes aside, I didn’t really like this movie. It made me feel so weird. I began humming along to the music and making up songs for everything everyone did. (“I’m walking on the wall. Now I’m upside down! La la la!”) It sort of brought out the weirdness in me, which is pretty bad because I’m kind of weird to begin with.Thankfully, I watched the film in the comfort of my own home. Also, the length of the film was almost unbearable. I understand why it’s so long--the journey to the moon isn’t a short one! But, within the first half hour I was thinking, “Alright! I get it! The journey’s long! But, if I were in space, I think I’d be having a lot more fun than they are!” I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be watching this film any time soon. A part of me really wants to, though, just to see if I can get a better understanding of it.

Caution: Robots Can Read Lips and Plot Against Your

I have seen the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" once before in my biology class and was in cinematic shock within the first few minutes. "2001: A Space Odyssey" follows the migration of these large, evolution-enhancing monoliths and how they effect human life. The film begins with a view of an Australopithecus looking tribe who encounter one of the monoliths, and after one ape-man touches the monolith, a discovery is made. The thought of using bones as tools, rather as war instruments, was put to use and eventualy created a violent split between the ape colony. The movie then moves the viewer millions of years into the future showing meraculoius depictions of satelites over earth, the moon landing, and documentation of goverment knoledge of alien life forms.
Fast Forward to 1991 were a group of astronauts plan to venture to the moon to find a 4,000,000,000 year old mololith code named "TMA-1". They believe that the piece of alien technology is still buried on the moon and they plan to unearth (I suppose I should say unmoon) it for it's technilogical potential. At this point of the movie I was both baffled about the lack of awesome technology we had in 1991 and impressed by the quality of the video phone call the Dr. makes to his daughter. For goodness sake it's 2011 and Skype still needs to get their act together. If a video call can occur without the audio or video mising in this movie during 1991, why can I not get through a 10 minute conversation on Skype without both of these things happening?

The voyage seems both succesful and breathtaking until HAL is installed. HAL is this super computer that has the capability to alter everything on the ship. Some of the crew becomes suspicious of the all-knowing robot and plot to decomision it. HAL silently desposes of some of the crew and Dr. David Bowman is forced to remove almost all oh HAL's memory. All of this really puts a stop to the search for the all powerfull giant dominoe until Bowman gets a strong radio emmision coming from Jupiter.
I will not proceed to tell you about the events happening after Dr. Bowman comes in contact with the TMA-1 (because witnessing the last 15 minutes of the movie could potentialy change your life), but I will say he becomes enlightened and reborn. A truly amazing depiction of space travel and human advancement, "2001: A Space Odyssey" is a film that will having you questioning other forms of life, whether it be human, alien, or machine. So many things have either incorperated, inspired, or made fun of this movie. I believe many of science fiction movies drew a lot of inspiration from this film because it was ahead of it's time (the film being released in 1968). "The Simpsons" also did a hilarious "Tree House of Horror" parody where the family purchases a mechanized house maintenance system that has interchangeable voice options (though I would rather listen to a creepy mono tone robot than a Pierce Brosnan robot) and an insatiable lust for Marge. I also believe that the robot GLaDOS in the game "Portal" was devised after HAL, but that's just me. Anyway, take some time out of your high paced to day watch this landmark in film and don't forget to wear your moon boots.